Forget WFH Or Office, Kerala Is Bringing You Work Near Home By The End Of 2023

by Sanjana Shenoy
Forget WFH Or Office, Kerala Is Bringing You Work Near Home By The End Of 2023

Work From Home more like Work In Pyjamas is the new normal for many employees and employers alike. Zoom meetings, and a mug of coffee by the laptop have their pros, but cons as well. After all, you would be lying if you said you didn’t miss the socialising and the office gossip! Kerala brings to you not Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Office (WFO), but rather, Work Near Home(WNH). Is this the new win-win situation for both employees and employers? Let’s find out! 

Work Near Home (WNH) A Mid-Ground Between WFH & WFO? 

A report by The New Indian Express draws attention to Kerala’s ambitious Work Near Home (WNH) project. Slated to make its debut in Kochi on a pilot basis by the end of 2023, this project is set to offer a co-working space to 500 people at a time. The WNH space shall come up inside the Ernakulam South metro station thanks to Infopark. 

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Picture Credits: Canva

Infopark CEO Susanth Kurunthi revealed to TNIE that WNH is a remedy for the lack of socialising and other WFH situations. Set at an investment of ₹25 crores, this space will welcome tec hies from Thrissur of Chalakudy, who can work from here instead of Infopark, nestled further away from their homes. The operational expenses of the WNH facilities will be borne by Infopark, while the infrastructural costs will be taken care of by the Kerala government.

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What’s Exciting About This Facility? 

So, why should employees want to Work Near Homes instead of from their homes? The WNH facility’s co-working space, conference hall, uninterrupted power supply, coffee lounge, training centre, and restaurant. Plug-and-play office systems, security and seamless Internet connection could be great reasons. 

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Susanth Kurunthi further stated to TNIE that companies could book seats at these facilities for their employees. Also, they can take various membership plans. The Work Near Home facility shall not only improve productivity but also cut down travel time and expenses for employees — one of the primary reasons for employees being dissuaded from work from office. 

Folks in Kerala, would you like such WNH facilities as a possible mid-ground between Work From Home & Work From Office? 

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva