Free Meals Anyone? This Restaurant In Dubai Hills Mall Is Giving Away Free Food This Ramadan

by Deeplata Garde
Free Meals Anyone? This Restaurant In Dubai Hills Mall Is Giving Away Free Food This Ramadan

Ramadan apart from being the holy month is also called the month of giving back. The concept of ‘Zakat’ in Islam carries great importance. Apart from Zakat, providing the needy with food or any other required items is considered a holy deed. This eatery in Dubai Hills Mall has understood the real essence of Ramadan and is providing free meals throughout the holy month

Chaiiwala Of London Will Provide Free Meals In Dubai

Giving back this Ramadan was taken seriously by the famous eatery of the Middle East, Chaiiwala of London.

We all know how delivery drivers have to skip their meals in order to help us get our meals on time. So in order to help the majority, this restaurant in Dubai Hills Mall will provide free meals for the duration of the holy month.

In appreciation, Chaiiwala will give delivery drivers free meals every Friday during the month of Ramadan from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. The restaurant will serve the drivers an iftar meal as long as they have a valid ID or proof of employment.

Chaiiwala Of London respects the delivery drivers who frequently sacrifice their own iftars to deliver meals to others. And to appreciate the efforts towards us, this initiative was implemented.

Showing gratitude generally is considered a good deed but it is an essential part of Ramadan that should be accompanied by compassion and mercy towards people. So help your next delivery driver obtain a free meal during Ramadan by helping them with the location.

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Sharjah Charitable Society Launched ‘Joud’ Campaign

The community service has announced the launch of this crucial campaign that would help a majority of people with various assistance programs.

The Joud campaign was essentially curated for implementation for the holy month of Ramadan. In addition to providing his basket of food to 20,000 beneficiaries at a cost of Dh 2 million, up to 1 million iftar meals will be distributed nationally and internationally. The overall cost will sum up to Dh 15 million. A further Dh 6 million is set aside for distribution to her 20,000 beneficiaries who are entitled to Zakat.

So this holy month of Ramadan, do the holy deed of giving back to people.

Cover Image Courtesy: Chaiiwala Of London