From Guest Favourites To Revamped Ratings, Airbnb Has Three New Features For Both Hosts & Travellers

by Tejashee Kashyap

The heart of Airbnb lies in its diverse range of listings. Whether you’re craving a cosy cabin in the woods, an urban loft with skyline views, or a beachfront bungalow, they have got it all. Three significant changes are being made to Airbnb as part of its 2023 Winter Release in order to better inform users before they book.

Airbnb Introduces New Upgrades


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Airbnb offers distinctive accommodations for all kinds of travellers, with over 7 million unique homes spread over the globe. However, visitors have mentioned that it can be confusing to know what to expect because there is so much variation. Three significant changes are being made to Airbnb as part of its 2023 Winter Release in order to better inform users before they book:

  • Guest Favourites is a selection of 2 million of the most popular Airbnb properties, chosen for their exceptional dependability, stellar ratings, and reviews. With a new emblem that shows up in listings pages and search results, along with a filter for Guest Favourites, they are simple to find.
  • Revamped ratings and reviews is a new chart showing the distribution of reviews from 1 to 5 stars, more details about the reviewer and their trip, and the option to arrange reviews by rating or recency have all been added to make them far more helpful and easier to read.
  • New Listings tab includes a number of tools to help hosts market their homes more effectively, such as an improved interface that makes it simple for hosts to include crucial details. 

When we talk about homes, we should not overlook the unique touch that hosts. Or, in this example, the Airbnb listing brings to the table. The unsung heroes of the travel story are the hosts. They use their warm hospitality, unique amenities, and local recommendations to weave the story of a location. It’s an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a location through the perspectives of those who live there.


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Moreover, since the company’s founding twelve years ago, hosts on Airbnb have made nearly $200 billion. Hosts may now have a clear picture of their earnings with the totally revamped dashboard. This includes customised reports, filters, and searches in addition to a detailed analysis of previous and prospective payments.

Following the addition of 32% more co-hosts from India in the previous year, the platform has upgraded the in-app messaging capabilities and introduced two additional compensation choices.

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Here Are The Highlights In Detail

About Guest Favourites

Guest Favourites is a brand-new compilation of the 2 million most popular Airbnb properties. It is chosen by reliability data, reviews, and ratings from more than 500 million visits. However, a lot of visitors are uncertain of how to identify the houses that they enjoy the best. For this reason, Guest Favourites has received great feedback and has an average rating of more than 4.9 stars. It boasts a dependable track record, with an average of 1% in quality-related customer service issues and host cancellations.


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Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States are the among ten nations having the largest proportion of Guest Favourites listings. The most popular listing categories among guests are Beach, Amazing Pools, Rooms, Iconic Cities, and Amazing Views.

Revamped Ratings & Reviews

Eighty-three per cent of Indian visitors who left reviews had at least one five-star stay during the previous year. But it has been difficult for visitors to get this information. To make it simpler for visitors, the ratings and reviews have been updated. With the biggest number of 5-star reviews, some of the friendliest towns and cities in India are Sikkim, Jodhpur, Shimla, Lucknow, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Dehradun.


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The Listings Tab

On the platform, there are more than 175 million photographs of active listings. This comes with an average of more than 20 photos per listing. Airbnb’s recently developed AI-powered photo tour can identify these images and instantly allocate them to those 19 rooms. This provides hosts with a quick and simple way to make a photo tour to show visitors how the house is laid out.

So, what do you think of these new features?

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