From Jackfruit Momos To Aamras Cheesecake, Dubai Hills Has A New Indian Tapas Bar You Can Revel At

Let the culinary maestros at Passion F&B take you on a journey where each bite and sip is a celebration.

by Priyanka Fernandes
From Jackfruit Momos To Aamras Cheesecake, Dubai Hills Has A New Indian Tapas Bar You Can Revel At

Revelry at Dubai Hills is the newest addition from the culinary wizards at Passion F&B. Tresind Studio and Avatara’s creative genius have crafted an Indian Tapas Bar that promises a culinary experience like no other. The menu is a fusion of Indian tapas – offering a delightful array of bite-sized dishes – and exotic drinks, ensuring that every bite and sip becomes a celebration of flavour. The concept goes beyond mere dining; it invites revelling in a lively and dynamic atmosphere where traditional Indian flavours meet innovative culinary techniques.

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Revelry’s food menu seamlessly blends Indian culinary heritage with modern cooking, offering tapas-style dishes that highlight the various flavours of India’s regions. Complementing this culinary journey is Revelry’s bar menu, crafted with a profound appreciation for India’s four distinct seasons. The culinary team at Revelry draws inspiration from India’s rich agricultural heritage and culinary traditions. Each season contributes a unique array of fruits and vegetables. This abundance serves as the foundation for the meticulously curated bar menu, ensuring a flavorful Indian experience that resonates with the vibrant essence of each season.

Behind the scenes, the collaboration between Head Mixologist Vince Varghese and Michelin Star Chef Rahul Rana, the visionary behind Avatara, comes to life. This dynamic duo, driven by their diverse upbringings in different regions of India, has passionately curated Revelry’s menu, thus giving birth to the inaugural chapter titled “Ritu” (Seasons of India). This chapter promises to evoke cherished memories and nostalgic moments, delivering a delightful journey through the diverse flavours of India.

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Food And Beverages Inspired By Seasons


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Revelry’s bar menu is a tribute to India’s diverse seasons. It features handcrafted cocktails like Kahwa (Monsoon), Kathal-Jamun-Kakdi blend (Summer), Rasam-Daulat ki Chaat duo (Winter) etc. Step into Revelry for a vibrant atmosphere, Instagram-worthy cocktails, and a tapas menu bursting with flavours. It includes Jackfruit Momo, Chettinad Chicken Leg, Crab Pakora, Pulled Lamb, Chicken Bhurjee, Onion Samosa, and Aamras Cheesecake. It’s not just a bar; it’s a delightful journey for your senses.

So, if you’re a fan of Indian cuisine and relish small, flavorful dishes and unique drinks, visit Revelry.

What: Tapas-style food and beverages at Revelry
When: 12 pm- 12 noon
Where: Dubai Hills Estate

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