From Landour Bakehouse To Doma’s Inn, 7 Cafes To Definitely Visit In Mussoorie And Landour

We do not have wi-fi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1895!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Landour Bakehouse To Doma’s Inn, 7 Cafes To Definitely Visit In Mussoorie And Landour

The temperatures in Northern India are soaring high and the mountains are 100% calling us! Let’s escape the scorching heatwave of Delhi and drive to the charming towns of Landour and Mussoorie. Imagine waking up the chirpy birds with lush green trees all around the lovely cottage you stay at! Then dress up to head over for your morning coffee fix with a splendid view in front of you. Sounds pretty great, right? We have curated a perfect list of cafes to explore when you are in Mussoorie or Landour specifically.

Head Over To These 7 Cafes When In Mussoorie And Landour

1. Landour Bakehouse

Visiting Landour means you have to step into this famous cafe everyone raves about! Enjoying a scenic view while strolling along the road to reach here is the first step. The interiors of this place have a hint of Victorian-era and a delicious aroma hits your nostrils that urges you to order ASAP. Order some of the decadent desserts like carrot cake and almond cake and for savouries go for yum pies with your tea or coffee. Also, you might have seen memes about this but they have a sign which reads ‘We do not have wi-fi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1895.’

Where: Shop 152, Sisters Bazaar, Landour, Mussoorie

When: 8 AM – 8 PM

Cost For Two: ₹500

2. Doma’s Inn


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This is a vibrant Tibetan cafe in Landour, Mussoorie which exudes the excellent vibes of a cafe in the pretty hills of Uttarakhand. Bollywood fans, you might just find some film posters hanging on the walls along with other decor stuff. Order the go-to authentic items of thupka, juicy momo, shaptak, shyaphaley and more. The wonderful ambience along with the delicious food at affordable prices makes it a great hidden gem in Mussoorie. Aur pahado mein aaye, momo na khae, aisa ho sakta hai?

Where: Ivy Cottage, Landour, Cantt, Mussoorie

When: 12 PM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: ₹500

3. Kalsang

Have you seen viral reels of yummy food from Kalsang located in Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi till now? Do not worry there is a cafe in Mussoorie where you can have a gastronomical affair with Jumbo Prawns, various kinds of momo, chilli chicken, noodles, thupka, rice and more with a mountain view. But if you are a momo lover, this place is heaven for you! Whatever stuffing you want, they have it on the menu. From veggies to chicken to mutton to prawns, they have it all. Do not skip on this cafe when in Mussoorie!

Where: Mall Rd, Survey Colony, The Mall Road, Mussoorie

When: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

Cost For Two: ₹800

4. Chick Chocolate

This is a more than half-a-century-old cafe in Mussoorie which is famous for its chocolate items. Sweettooth lovers, your next place to visit should be this because their Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate Fudge are among bestsellers. They are also popular for pizza and pies. Visiting this cafe is an actual trip down memory lane because it is straight out of a book with its old charms. Also, do you want to try Chocolate Momo? Yes, they have it!

Where: Mall Rd, The Mall Road, Mussoorie

When: 11 AM – 8:30 PM

Cost For Two: ₹800

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5. Emily’s by Rokeby Manor


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This is one of the most excellent romantic cafes in Landour with limitless views of the tranquil landscape of Uttarakhand. You can catch colourful sunsets along with scrumptious food. Tucked in the 1840 pretty boutique built by Captain G.N. Cauthy, it has peaceful vibes which make you feel at home. The wooden decor holds an old charm which you can’t miss out on. Go for their Roast Chicken and Aglio e Olio and fresh brewing coffee.

Where: Cantt, Rajmandi, Landour, Mussoorie

When: 6:30 AM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: ₹2500

6. Char Dukan

A perfect food spot in Landour where you can gorge on hot paranthas, waffles, pancakes, pakoras, Wai Wai and more under one roof! It is quite an iconic eatery in this region which is extremely inexpensive and offers a wide range of dishes to choose from. To get here you have to do a bit of hiking on the steep hillside but worry not, it will all be worth it. Also, you have your friends, family and amazing views to look at when you hike up to Char Dukan.

Where: Chaar Dukaan, Landour Cantt

When: 8 AM – 8 PM

Cost For Two: ₹250

7. Café de Landour


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Looking for an aesthetic cafe to have sumptuous meals during your tour in Mussoorie and Landour? One of the cafes in Mussoorie offers a breathtaking view of the valley which looks like a dream when the sun sets. As far as your eyes can capture, you will see houses illuminated and car lights shining through the darkness slowly till your food arrives. The menu has Italian, Mexican and Indian food to offer and they can set the mood right with perfect tunes.

Where: Char Dukan, Luxmanpuri, Rajmandi, Landour, Mussoorie

When: 9 AM – 9:30 PM (Mon-Thurs)

9 AM – 10 PM (Fri-Sun)

Cost For Two: ₹500

Have you visited any of the above cafes recommended by us? When are you planning to do so?

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