From Nursery To Coffee Shops, Electric Vehicles Can Be A Mobile Store; Anand Mahindra Approves

by Shreya Rathod
From Nursery To Coffee Shops, Electric Vehicles Can Be A Mobile Store; Anand Mahindra Approves

The introduction of electric vehicles was a boon for the environment. Since its launch, everyone has been promoting this unique vehicle. But do you know that it can be used for various things other than travelling? A businesswoman, Suman Mishra, shared some practical uses of their electric vehicles. In fact, it was approved by Anand Mahindra! Take a look at innovative ways of using electric vehicles.

From Coffee Shop To Nursery, Electric Vehicles Can Be Anything!

Indians thrive on ‘jugaad’ and street food stalls are proof! It is hardly surprising that food stalls and enterprises are growing rapidly in a nation like India where people are passionate about food. We have observed tea booths and street food vendors expanding into every nook and cranny and doing brisk business.

Suman Mishra, an entrepreneur, demonstrated an intriguing usage of their electric vehicles by using one to sell coffee, bhelpuri, and more in a tweet. It stated that they were some of her favourite applications of an electric vehicle. The text was followed by a thread of pics that featured the practical use of this vehicle.

In the pictures, you could find how a small portable sales unit had been added to the back storage side of these electric cars. The electric tempos were given ledges and shelves, creating a creative layout for food vendors. Some shop owners offered organic foods and spices while others sold coffee.

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From the car, a stall owner also offered street-style delicacies for sale.

Anand Mahindra Approves This Eco-friendly Idea

Anand Mahindra, an Indian businessman, shared this tweet stating that he approves the idea. According to him, it was really amazing that a vehicle that promotes sustainability also encourages entrepreneurship! He further mentioned Suman Mishra and asked may she provide a platform for sharing so that customers may see how other people are using this vehicle. It might provide them with concepts for novel uses.

You will find various mobile (moveable) stores on every street like food trucks, vegetable shops and so on. Using an electric vehicle not only sustains the environment but also helps you with setting up your business!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Suman Mishra/ Twitter