From Parle Kismi To VCR, X User Shares Nostalgic Thread Of 15 Things That ONLY ’90s Kids Will Understand

Each thing mentioned in this thread holds a special place in our hearts.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Parle Kismi To VCR, X User Shares Nostalgic Thread Of 15 Things That ONLY ’90s Kids Will Understand

What is the most precious moment of your childhood? Isn’t it difficult to choose only one memory while reminiscing about those precious days? From indoor games to outdoor sports to cartoons, everything was special in the late ’90s and early 2000s. An X user shared favourite things about ’90s kids. Are you ready to get nostalgic and a bit emotional?

Every ’90s Kid Can Relate To This Thread Of Nostalgic Things

Vertigo_Warrior (@VertigoWarrior) shared a beautiful thread of 15 heartwarming things and experiences that will make all of us walk down memory lane.

1. Parle Kismi

Before we grooved to the famous Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes & Miss Me song, we vibed to Parle Kismi TVC and its epic tagline Har Kismi Mein Hai Kiss. Back in the late ’90s and early 2000s, kids loved these delicious candies. Remember how we used to distribute chocolates and toffees on our birthdays? Parle Kismi was one of the favourite candies to distribute among friends.

2. Nostalgic ’90s Kids Things: Ice Cola

Raise your hands if your parents warned you that ice colas are made with dirty drain water. However, this did not stop us from purchasing these refreshing delights and relishing them. The funniest part was how we enjoyed seeing our tongues turning green, red, blue, and vibrant colours.

3. Name Stickers

Those were the days of spending a long time choosing perfect name stickers. From cartoons to sports, we selected our favourite-themed stickers and requested our parents or elders to fill those in beautiful handwriting.

4. Post Box

Long before the Internet and mobile phones dominated the communication system worldwide, post boxes were the primary mode of sending letters and communicating with people.

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5. Childhood Games

Kids of today’s generation grow up playing games on mobile phones and computers. But ’90 kids grew up enjoying some of the most iconic and entertaining games such as Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi. Guessing the thief’s identity among everyone was one of the hardest tasks at that time.

6. Memorable ’90s Kids Things: Shaktimaan

Before the popularity of Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, and other superheroes, millennials thoroughly enjoyed watching Shaktimaan.

7. Bioscope

One of the most fascinating reasons to visit fairs during the late 90s and early 2000s was to enjoy watching short clips through a bioscope.

8. Famous ’90s Kids Things: Childhood Games

Another popular game back in the day was Name Place Animal Thing. This mind game is about noting down different names, places, animals, and things starting with a mentioned letter.

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9. Pen Fights

Imagine you and your opponent playing pen fights on a school desk and your friends cheering for you. Reminiscing those days is such a beautiful experience.

10. VCR

Nothing felt more exciting than buying a cassette from a shop and asking the shopkeeper to make a playlist on it. VCR was one of the best entertainment modes for many millennials.

11. Comics

Do you remember those days of sneaking comic books inside books and under bedsheets? Those years were the golden years of our lives.

12. Trump Cards

How many of you have collected trump cards over the years? From WWE to cricket to cartoons, having the most powerful trump cards was nothing less than a major victory.

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13. Two Way Pager

Many of us cannot remember the last time we saw someone with a two-way pager. It ruled every ’90s children’s heart.

14. Memorable ’90s Kids Things: Walkman

No, we did not have AirPods or chunky headphones during our childhood. For music lovers, Walkman was the most precious thing. It was a major flex during those days.

15. Landline Phones

Most of the ’90s kids did not have a mobile phone till they were in college. From gossiping with friends to late-night calls with partners, landline phones were the solution for any calls.

Can you think of more things that make you feel nostalgic? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Vertigo_Warrior (@VertigoWarrior)

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