From Paros To Chefchaouen, X User Shares A Thread Of The 25 Most Beautiful Streets Around The World

From Italy to Denmark, the thread comprises of the world's most scenic streets.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Paros To Chefchaouen, X User Shares A Thread Of The 25 Most Beautiful Streets Around The World

The experience of simply walking on a street gets enhanced if the views are aesthetic. We love looking at pretty corners around us. Ever wondered which is the most scenic street in the world? An X user shared a list of the world’s most beautiful streets and we can not take our eyes off the pictures.

Thread Of The World’s Most Beautiful Streets:

OThingstodo (@othingstodo_com) shared a long list of the most enchanting and pleasantly beautiful streets in different parts of the world. From the iconic lanes of Paris to offbeat scenic locations, the thread includes 25 magnificent streets.

1. Paros

Known globally for pristine beaches, this Greek island is surrounded by picturesque views.

2. Setenil de las Bodegas

This quaint town in southern Spain is famous among globetrotters for the endless views of white-coloured houses. The biggest surprise is how all the houses, restaurants, and shops are nestled under a rock.

3. Quebec City

Canada’s Quebec City is a popular tourist destination. Known for its rich history, this place is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4. The Shambles

Yord’s splendid Shambles made it to the thread of the most beautiful streets in the world. The views of uniquely designed streets with aesthetic buildings all around will steal your heart.

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5. Most Beautiful Streets Around The World: Agueda

You might have seen glimpses of picturesque streets covered with vibrant umbrellas from the top on the Internet. Chances those pictures are of the world-famous Agueda city in Portugal.

6. Bruges

Globetrotters love travelling to Bruges in Belgium to witness the rich history and experience a journey back in time.

7. The Mushroom Street

This famed street in Spain is known all around for its unique additions. The large-sized and brightly coloured mushroom installations add a vibrant and joyful charm.

8. Burano

Burano is one of the world’s most scenic streets and the major credit for the picturesque surroundings goes to the colourful houses lined next to each other. From green to yellow to pink, houses are painted in different shades of bright colours.

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9. Most Beautiful Streets Around The World: Istanbul

Istanbul welcomes travellers from different corners of the world all around the year. The best history and modern additions elevate the city and its travel experiences.

10. Lomanstraat Street

From mesmerising destinations to Amsterdam Tulip Season, Amsterdam has so much to see. One of the prettiest must-visit locations is the long stretch of uniquely bent lush trees attracting a major crowd of visitors.

11. Green Streets

Surrounded by lush greenery in abundance, this road looks breathtaking. Isn’t it aesthetically pleasing too?

12. Assisi

Italy’s Assisi looks straight out of a Pinterest mood board. The photo of the cobblestone road and the dome-shaped arch is picture-perfect.

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13. Most Beautiful Streets Around The World: Paris

Imagine sipping on a cup of joe and staring at the glittering Eiffel Tower at night. Seems like a dream, right? You can enjoy this stunning view from different lanes near the tower.

14. Edinburgh

Home to exquisite architecture, alluring mountains, and pristine rivers, this European city offers spectacular travel delights.

15. Chefchaouen

Blue-coloured walls and blue stairs with greenery peeping everywhere: a picture looking straight out of a postcard.

16. Dreamy Streets

Sky-high buildings, glimmering windows, and bustling streets perfectly describe the city life of San Francisco.

17. Lovely Street

Lovely Street of Mougins is well-known among travellers for its artistic representation. The blend of plants and paintings on the street adds a charming vibe to the place.

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18. Most Beautiful Streets Around The World: The Temple Bar

This Irish pub is known for the largest whiskey collection in Ireland. It is a historical establishment in the city dating long back to 1840.

19. Kufstein

Every corner of this street in Kufstein reflects a unique atmosphere blending both ancient architecture and modern days.

20. Valletta

Malta’s capotal Valleta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perfect for history enthusiasts, immerse yourself in a journey to the past here.

21. Streets Of Porto

Electric cars passing through the crowded streets of Portugal look extraordinary.

22. Oxford Street

Australia’s Oxford Street is famous for not one or two but several reasons. Along with such enchanting natural views, you will get many shops to shop your heart out. Also, it is known for nightclubs and parties.

23. Borgio

No matter which corner of this street you are headed, you will be welcomed with such pretty views.

24. Street In Bonn

You will be mesmerised seeing Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Avenue where a street is completely filled with cherry blossom trees.

25. Copenhagen

From Tivoli Gardens to Nyhavn, Denmark’s capital city has so much to explore.

Which one do you choose to be the most beautiful street in the world?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ OThingstodo (@othingstodo_com)

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