From PM Modi’s Fave To Bajra Delights, Here’s What’s On BJP Office Bearers Meet’s Menu

by Mallika Khurana
From PM Modi’s Fave To Bajra Delights, Here’s What’s On BJP Office Bearers Meet’s Menu

Nobody escapes the effect of good food, not even the prime minister of our mighty nation. The office bearers meeting of the Bhartiya Janata Party is a two-day event taking place in New Delhi. With BJP members in attendance, these two days will be filled with Prime Minister’s favourite delicacies and flavourful Bajra-centric meals.

Prime Minister’s Favourite Delicacies

Bajra roti
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Everyone will be drooling at the thought of mouthwatering dishes like ghee-topped dal khichdi, sev-tomato curry, rawa masala dosa, and others. The menu for the event focuses on the Prime Minister’s favourite meals.

The table spread for the event will be covered with numerous regional specialities and desserts. These dishes are specially chosen as most of these are the Prime Minister’s favourites. For this meeting of senior leaders, health will be the prime focus while preparing their meals. While they will all be delicious, their health will not be compromised.

On January 16, dinner will be served to the BJP members present at the meeting. The menu will include salty chapati with carrom seeds, rawa masala dosa, aloo-methi, sambhar, dal-khichdi with ghee, and sev-tomato curry. For dessert, there will be, badam halwa, mysore pak, and misri mawa.

Bajra Highlights For Day Two

dal khichdi
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The millet-based food has been given prominence in the lunch on January 17, which is the second and final day of the executive session. The majority of the executive’s starters, lunch, and dinner will be starters and desserts made with dishes made of coarse grains.

The elaborate spread of tempting dishes will consists of Bajra maheri served with buttermilk, red cowpea salad, millet papdi chaat, ragi idli, bajra khichdi with chutney and sambhar. Lunch would be a delicious event with Millet with kadhi, bisibele bhaat, panchmeli dal, methi bajra ka saag, jowar roti to be served.

There will also be bajra roti, bajra methi paratha, jowar roti, barley, and chana paratha. Additionally, bajra kheer and shamak ki phirni, made in an old-fashioned manner, will be the desserts to look for.

The attendees of BJP Office Bearer’s Meet are surely in for treat with such a varied menu curated for them.

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