From Trekking To Exploring Chhind Art, 5 Things To Do In Patalkot, Madhya Pradesh’s Hilly Valley

by Shreya Rathod
From Trekking To Exploring Chhind Art, 5 Things To Do In Patalkot, Madhya Pradesh’s Hilly Valley

From Chhindwara, Patalkot valley is situated 78 km to the north-west and is home to the “Doodhi” river. Hills encircle this valley, which is shaped like a horseshoe, and there are multiple routes that lead to the settlements inside. The majority of the rocks are from the Archaean period, which is roughly 2500 million years old. Here are 5 things that you can do at Patalkot in Madhya Pradesh.

Patalkot Valley In Madhya Pradesh

Patalkot valley madhya pradesh
Credits: District Chhindwara/ Website

The government has been working to promote Patalkot as an ecotourism destination in recent years. Due to the area’s protection, tourists prefer to visit during the rainy season. The local environment and ties to Adivasi culture are highlighted in tourism promotion; however, this may alter as tourism grows and other factors become more significant.

Patalkot is renowned for having long maintained its native traditions and culture. It was an isolated universe with no outside influences until a few years ago. to promote ecotourism as a collaborative product in an effort to stop the process of deforestation and forest degradation. With the participation of tribes, the ecotourism Patalkot model has proven its operational execution, adaptive evolution capabilities, and recognition as a successful model with multiple replication-friendly components.

The “Centre for Forestry Research,” HRD Poama, the District Administration, and the District Olympic Association collaborated to initiate the programme in 2009. Moreover, it helped 3000 tribal youth train in adventure sports like parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, bird watching, and water sports. An annual event known as the Satpuda Adventure Sports Festival takes place in October.

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Trekking, Camping & More!

Patalkot valley
Credits: Canva

1. Satpura Adventure Sports Festival

The “Satpura Adventure Sports Festival” is a yearly event that takes place in October. Adventure sports like parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, bird viewing, and water sports can be exciting experiences.

2. Go Trekking, Camping & Hiking!

In Patalkot, hiking and trekking will undoubtedly revitalise your body and mind. Consider going on a riverside walk, camping and river rafting trip along the Doodhi River, or strolling along the Pugdundee. The walk also highlights Raja Kho and Zingaria Waterfall, two of Patalkot’s lesser-known sights.

3. Visit Tamia

Through an effort by Motel Tamia & Tribescape, visitors from metropolitan communities can get a closer look at tribal life. Talking over traditional meals prepared by the tribe members using farm-fresh veggies could not be more enjoyable. You’ll also get to see breathtaking views from a hilltop breakfast and high tea at sundown.

4. Meeting The ‘Medicine Men’

Patalkot is home to tribal populations of Gond and Bharias, who are skilled at producing herbal medicine from pulps and extracts from forest plants. In fact, it is a treasure trove of varied flora. “The medicine men” frequently offer tourists these herbal cures. Even if you decide not to purchase, you can still take the time to research the uses of medicinal herbs.

5. Chhind Or Khajoor Art

Handicrafts made using chhind (wild dates) leaves is khajoor art or chhind art. Bharias’ artisan groups create exquisite goods that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Also, you can purchase jewellery, home furnishings, everyday necessities like brooms and baskets, and a variety of other handicrafts.

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Are you planning to visit Patalkot Valley in Madhya Pradesh?

Cover Image Courtesy: District Chhindwara/ Website & Canva

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