From Visiting Buddha Jayanti Park To Relishing Golgappas, Everything Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida Did On His India Trip

by Shreya Rathod
From Visiting Buddha Jayanti Park To Relishing Golgappas, Everything Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida Did On His India Trip

India’s relationship with Japan is one of the oldest diplomatic — rather friendly alliances. And to continue this ongoing affectionate and cordial bond, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is on a two-day trip to India to discuss the new Indo-Pacific plan. He hopes to promote a free, open and Tokyo-led initiative for economic cooperation and greater security. Further, they are planning to support maritime security and emerging economies. But, that’s not all PM Fumio Kishida did on his India trip. PM Narendra Modi donned the hat of a gracious host and showcased what Indian hospitality looks like.

PM Fumio Kishida & PM Modi Indulged In Tasty Indian Treats

It is a diplomatic duty to treat the guest with the utmost hospitality, and PM Modi is doing his bit perfectly. Though this visit focused on boosting Japan-India ties in sectors like healthcare, technology etc, there is always room for relishing local treats. PM Modi has tweeted pictures of him and PM Kishida relishing golgappas — a delicious street food that no one can refuse. And not to forget the bite-size idlis! He even got to taste the Indian classic drink — chai. What a day to enjoy these treats!

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Visiting The Buddha Jayanti Park In Delhi

Both Prime Ministers were then on the move to visit the Buddha Jayanti Park — a garden that recalls and showcases Lord Gautam Buddha’s attainment of Nirvana. With a perfectly manicured garden, blooming flowers and sprawling lawns, this park is a popular place among the Delhiites. The garden is filled with saplings of the Bodhi tree. Legend has it that Emperor Ashoka’s daughter Sanghamitra took a sapling to Sri Lanka in order to preach Buddhism. And since the one connection that connects India and Japan is Buddhism, it was an important place to visit. PM Modi has shared some glimpses of their visit!

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India has always believed in maintaining friendly and diplomatic ties with other countries. The motive has always been to promote growth and develop relations. India’s earliest and documented encounter with Japan was with Todaiji Temple in Nara. The consecration of the towering statue of Lord Buddha was performed by an Indian monk.

Cover Image Courtesy: PM Narendra Modi/ Twitter