From Vodka Aloo Paratha To Lays Curry, Influencer Reacts To The Internet’s Atrocious Recipes

Instagram content creator @thekurtaguy reacted to some of the craziest recipes on the Internet.

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Vodka Aloo Paratha To Lays Curry, Influencer Reacts To The Internet’s Atrocious Recipes

There’s no better playground for foodies than social media. From delicious recipes to underrated street food, it’s your one-stop destination for everything food. But social media is also the harbinger for the most atrocious fusion dishes and ridiculous recipes. Instagram Content Creator Vividh Ashok AKA @thekurtaguy shared a reel on the microblogging platform where he reacts to some of the craziest recipes on the Internet. Check it out!

Instagrammer Reacts To Crazy Recipes On The Internet Like Vodka Paratha, Lays Curry & More


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Instagram Content Creator @thekurtaguy shared a reel of himself reacting to some of the most atrocious recipes on the Internet. “Let’s learn how to cook”, he says in the reel and goes on to browse the Internet for tips and tricks. But what he ends up finding are dishes that are simply inedible. The first dish he comes across is “Vodka Aloo Paratha”, when a woman uses vodka to knead the dough instead of water. And then, goes on to add vodka to the paratha cooking on the tawa.

The next, crazy dish he comes across is Lays Curry where packets of Lays chips are emptied in a gravy simmering in a pot. It’s served with rice. “Paavam Lays” ( Poor Lays), he says. There’s also pani puri which is put into a mixer with chocolate sauce and chutneys. To make matters worse, there’s a Maggi dish where the instant noodles are flattened out using an iron. And then he uses a scale to measure the pieces and places them in small cubical cups using a tweezer. “Is it Maggi or a surgery”, asks the puzzled content creator.

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It Gets Worse With Ketchup Milk

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Before you understand what’s going on, there’s a woman making milkshake by adding orange flowers into the mixer with milk. Oh and have you heard about Ketchup Milk? You wish you hadn’t! It’s milk with Ketchup which is then mixed and chugged down… hopefully the toilet! “Maa what’s for dinner”, asks @thekurtaguy having had enough of the Internet for a day.

Well, foodies, what do you think about these atrocious recipes on the Internet? Would you ever have the guts to try any of them?

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Cover Image Courtesy: @thekurtaguy/ Instagram

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