Frozen Food Company Uses Drones To Deliver Food In Just 30 Minutes In Gurugram

by Sanmita A
Frozen Food Company Uses Drones To Deliver Food In Just 30 Minutes In Gurugram

Imagine getting your food delivered to your doorstep using drones and not humans? In Gurugram, a frozen food company, named, Curefoods has begun delivering its supplies from the warehouse to its kitchen via drones. The frozen food startup was able to execute the drone delivery by partnering with Skye Air Mobility. The trial delivery using a drones facility has begun today and will continue till July 31, 2022.

How Have Drones Executed Food Delivery?

During the joint execution of the food delivery via drones, the latter was able to cover a distance of 20 km. A customised delivery box was attached to the drone. This delivery box has a temperature of minus 20 degrees celsius.  Additionally, the drone delivery company also partnered with a pharmaceutical company. In this delivery system, drones services will take place between testing centres and collection sites. Initially, during the trial with the pharma company, the drones were able to serve at least 1,000 deliveries in a month.

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Will Delivery Through Drones Become The New Trend?

Well, it will only be a matter of time before the drone system of delivery becomes a trend among companies. How will this challenge factors like employment and others are left to see! In July, as per reports, the Indian drone sector received a lot of attention and limelight from many investors. Companies are hence, inclining towards undertaking trials with various firms. Also, in the month of April this year, a prominent food delivery company, Swiggy also announced its partnership with a number of drone startups. Swiggy has tied up with companies like Skye Air, Garuda Aerospace, TechEagle and Marut Dronetech for its commercial services, Instamart.

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