G20 Summit: POTUS Joe Biden To Visit India In September; Officials Are Looking Forward To It

by Tooba Shaikh
G20 Summit: POTUS Joe Biden To Visit India In September; Officials Are Looking Forward To It

The G20 summit of 2023 which is being hosted by India is all set to welcome the President of the United States of America or the POTUS. According to the latest updates, President Joe Biden is all set to visit the country in the month of September. Officials are looking forward to the President’s visit as it will serve to bolster the relationship between the US and India, and the two countries will only grow stronger together.

G20 Summit: POTUS Joe Biden To Visit India In September

G20 Summit
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The President is visiting India as part of the G20 summit which the country is currently hosting. According to officials, the visit is scheduled for September. Donald Lu, who is the United States Assistant Secretary of State for South & Central Asia, commented on this visit.

He said that it was going to be a significant year for the relations between India and the US and that US officials were looking forward to visiting the country. Lu went on to say that the year is significant as many QUAD member countries are taking on leadership roles which allow countries like the US to avail opportunities to improve foreign relations.

He also mentioned that it is also significant that the same year that India is hosting G20, the US gets to host the APEC, and Japan is hosting the G7 summit. He hinted that many exciting things will happen during these visits and the countries will get ample opportunities to grow.

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About APEC, QUAD, & The G7 Summit

G20 Summit
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APEC or Asia Pacific Economic Corporation is an inter-governmental corporation that consists of 21 governmental economies. The goal of this organisation is to promote free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

QUAD is the name given to Australia’s partnership with India, Japan, and the USA. The goal of this partnership is to serve as a strong diplomatic network that will mutually benefit the four countries.

The G7 or the Group of Seven is another inter-governmental organisation consisting of seven developed economies of the world along with the European Union. The goal of this organisation is to share pluralistic values.

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