Gandhi Nagar Market In Delhi, Asia’s Largest Hub For Readymade Garments To Get A Major Revamp

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gandhi Nagar Market In Delhi, Asia’s Largest Hub For Readymade Garments To Get A Major Revamp

Gandhi Nagar Market in Delhi is Asia’s largest hub for readymade garments and textiles. Housing over 25,000 shops and 10,000 household manufacturing units, this historic market boasts of a whopping ₹100 crore turnover every single day. Delhi’s most prominent market is all set to get a major makeover and we’re spilling the deets about it now.

Gandhi Nagar Market In Delhi To Get Major Makeover

According to a report by The Hans India, Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar Market will undergo a major redevelopment. During the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) meeting, this matter will be discussed. So, what changes can you expect at the Gandhi Nagar market in Delhi? Well, you can expect upgraded roads, better parking facilities, public utilities and the development of sewer lines.

Over the past six months, authorities have conducted multiple assessments to find out what work needs to be done. An MCD official stated to The Hans India that a 14-point action plan has been charted out as part of the first phase of development. The second phase is all about beautifying the area and improving the facade. Infact the official added that inadequate infrastructure is hampering the garment business in Gandhi Nagar Market.

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Multi-Level Parking, Info Kiosks, Developed Roads & More

Other developments in the market include 2 km of arterial roads within the market area. These developed roads will serve as primary transit routes. The drainage system will get an upgrade of concrete-type drains and parallel ducts. Streets connecting to the Gandhi Nagar main road will undergo improvement as well. Additional provisions for fire safety, informative signboards, improved sanitation facilities and new street furniture are other things you can expect at the new and improved Gandhi Nagar market.

Gandhi Nagar Market  Delhi
Picture Credits: Canva

A whopping ₹162-crore revamp is what is in the works for Gandhi Nagar Market in Delhi. Visitors can also walk along beautifully lit streets, illuminated with ornamental electric light poles. Six public toilet complexes, two multi-level parking levels and multiple public information kiosks are also in the works.

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Looks like Asia’s largest hub for readymade garments is all set for a global appeal. And we can’t wait to see it in all its new glory!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Picture used for representation)