Garba On The Go? Passengers & Staff Break Into Impromptu Garba Dance In Bangalore Airport

bangalore airport
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 225

Garba can happen anytime, anywhere. We mean it! At Bangalore airport, the staff came together for a Navratri special event. Music, colours and dance filled the air. And passengers? They had to hop on board for an impromptu garba performance. So, here’s what happened.

Bangalore Airport Staff & Onlookers Dance Garba

A Twitter user Divya Putrevu shared photos and videos of passengers in Bangalore airport breaking into an impromptu garba jig. The airport staff were dressed in their finest ghagras. And they danced their hearts out at the Navratri special event. Moreover, passengers couldn’t resist joining them. So, before you know it, the airport was filled with flavours of Navratri. Hence proving, anything can happen in this city.

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Bangalore Is A Melting Pot Of Cultures

Well, this is truly a peak Bangalore moment! The pictures and videos show huge crowds of people forming a circle to dance garba. Women, children, and men joined in. Some travellers danced while carrying their backpacks. Now, that’s dedication! This impromptu garba performance in Bangalore truly proves the city is a melting pot of cultures.

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Meanwhile, where are you planning to head for garba? You can consider Bangalore airport, you know!

News Source: NDTV

Cover Image Credits: Divya Putrevu/ Twitter


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