Gateway Of India In Mumbai Emerges As One Of India’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations: Survey

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Gateway Of India In Mumbai Emerges As One Of India’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations: Survey

The world is now open to travel with Covid restrictions being pushed out. People are flocking from state to state and country to country with their friends, families or even solo. The travel and tourism industry is once again back into business as people are travelling back. Airbnb recently did an analysis and found out that India has the major number of travellers coming in. And in India the most popular tourist destination is Mumbai’s Gateway of India, says the analysis. 

Most Popular Tourist Destination In India- Gateway Of India

Airbnb recently did a survey after the number of travellers increased ever since the world is open to travel. The analysis showed that people are flocking down to India from all over the world. The inflow of travellers to India is actually 60 per cent more than ever before. The most travel inquiries to India are coming from travellers in UAE, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany. The survey went into depth and found that Amchi Mumbai is one of the top tourist destinations in India. Mumbai’s Gateway of India has emerged as the most popular tourist destination. This is exactly where most of the travellers are booking their stays through Airbnb

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Mumbai Tops The List Of Tourist Destinations In India

The survey showed that Mumbai is people’s most favourite destination in India but it’s not the only one in the list. Even New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai are on this list of top destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. According to the report, the rise of the “work from home” mentality in many industries is to blame for this rise in travel. A survey conducted in association with Airbnb and YouGov found that 87% of Indians intend to work while travelling or residing in some other city or state. One of Mumbai’s most recognisable and distinctive architectural examples is the Gateway of India and probably that is why it has made it to the list.

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