Gaur Gopal Das: Hate Is That One Word That’s Killing People’s Relationships | Curly Tales

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gaur Gopal Das: Hate Is That One Word That’s Killing People’s Relationships | Curly Tales

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian monk, a motivational speaker and a lifestyle coach who has inspired scores of people across the globe. So, what better way to begin the year 2023 on a great note than to invite the monk himself on Curly Tales? Our team, led by Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani met Gaur Gopal Das for a soulful Sunday Brunch. The Indian monk shared wise words of wisdom with us, leaving us motivated to become the best versions of ourselves. Read on!

Gaur Gopal Das Imparts Wisdom With This Fun 5-Sec Fire Game

During this Sunday Brunch episode, Kamiya Jani played a fun game, a 5-second fire with Gaur Gopal Das. She spoke a word, and he had to say the first word that came to his mind. When she said the word “hate”, the motivational speaker immediately said that “hate is the one word that is killing people’s relationships”. How insightful is this! Earlier, on hearing the words anger and ego, he said both these need to be curbed. “The ‘e’ needs to be kept and the go, needs to go”, says Gaur Gopal Das.

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For that monk, love means service, prayer is a way to connect to God and technology is an absolute necessity to reach out to people and serve. The monk also shared a story where a man once came to him after facing a bad heartbreak. The man told the Guruji that he broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years after she spoke ill about his parents in an intoxicated state.

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He Shares A Story Of A Person Who Suffered A Heartbreak

The heartbroken lover went on to tell the Indian monk that all women were the same. That’s when Gaur Gopal Das chimed in and said “Tere angoor khatte nikle, toh saare angooro ko khatta math bolo“, (If your grapes turned sour, don’t call all grapes sour). Gaur Gopal Das went on to add that when one has bad experience with someone, doesn’t mean everyone is bad. Through this story the monk said that he understands the principles of relationships thanks to his interactions with so many people and his observations over the years.

Well, Gaur Gopal Das has truly enlightened the Curly Tales team with his wise words. To know more about his thoughts on relationships and dealing with emotions better, watch the interview.

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