Get Guilt Free Halwai Style Mithai At 10% Off! No Kidding!

NOTO Mithai
by Curly Tales Desk

This festive season, we indulged in a box full of sweets that made us HAPPY! Imagine packaged traditional halwai style mithai with 0 added sugar, no preservatives & is low in calories.  Because that’s what NOTO is doing — busting myths that mithai & ice creams can’t be healthy.

We loved all the mithais from the milk cake to the Rasgulla & Mohanthal;  all of the sweets were delicious. The colourful boxes make it a perfect gifting option during the festive season. Recommend it to anyone looking for an alternate safer & healthier option.

Oh, and Curly Tales is offering 10% off on all the Mithai. Avail of the offer here. Because we love you all so much! Go get your healthy mithais!

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