Get Ready For The Ultimate Road Trip From Delhi To Mumbai In 11 Hours!

by Kanika Sharma
Get Ready For The Ultimate Road Trip From Delhi To Mumbai In 11 Hours!

Ever thought of taking a road trip from Delhi to Mumbai? Yeah, it is long and would require multiple pit-stops, but in a few years, you’ll be able to make it through in 11 hours! The Delhi-Mumbai Greenfield Expressway is anticipated to be complete by March 2024. As per reports, it will be India’s longest Greenfield Expressway which will have a design speed of 120 km/hour. Also, here’s a first-account flight experience from Mumbai to Delhi amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Greenfield Expressway Connecting Delhi And Mumbai To Be Completed By 2024

Delhi and Mumbai will soon be connected by the Greenfield Expressway which will cut the travel route between the two cities by nearly 11 hours. The construction of the same is expected to be completed by 2024. The expressway is going to be 1275 km long and will have eight lanes initially, which might be extended to 12 lanes later. 

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On either side of the expressway, there will be around 75 amenities at an interval of 50 km. The entire cost of the project is ₹82514 crores. It also includes the land acquisition cost of ₹20928 crores.

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A Drive From Delhi To Mumbai Now Takes Around 26 Hours

Right now, it takes about 23-26 hours to reach Maharashtra from Delhi via NH 48, covering a distance of 1400-km long-distance. The route majorly covers two states- Rajasthan and Gujarat. The new route will not only save time but will also ensure lesser fuel consumption and this, in turn, will save money.

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The greenfield expressway will pass through Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and finally end at Mumbai. So, road explorers, started making plans already?  For now, here’s an interesting story of a road trip from Bangalore to Bhutan: