10 Gorgeous Hill Stations Near Mumbai That Are Just A Short Drive Away

by Madhusree Chatragadda
10 Gorgeous Hill Stations Near Mumbai That Are Just A Short Drive Away

Getaways around Mumbai are not just about enjoying the sun, sand and the sea. There are some beautiful hill stations near the city that turn lush green during monsoons. So if you need a quick getaway, then you can choose to travel to any of these 10 hill stations.

1. Panchgani

Panchgani is around 5 hours (244.3 km) away from Mumbai, is a picture postcard hill station that you cannot miss out on. Since the journey is long, we would suggest that you carry a picnic basket. Visit table land too, Asia’s second-longest mountain plateau for the best sunset views. Panchgani also gives you some breathtaking hilltop views that should definitely be witnessed.


Time Taken:
By road: 4 hours 35 minutes (approx)
By train: 5 hours 30 minutes (approx)

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Palghar is most definitely winters and especially in the month of November and December. Palghar is chilly in winters, it is not extremely chilly you can carry one jacket. You can also visit Palghar in early March.

2. Lavasa

Located just 4 hours away (187.7 km), Lavasa is a beautiful hill station near Mumbai. Go on nature trails here and indulge in adventurous water sports like Kayaking. You can visit this man-made hill station during any time of the year, as the weather is normally quite pleasant.


Time Taken:
By road: 4 hours (approx)

Best Time To Visit: Lavasa is pleasant all year long as it is covered in lush greenery and surrounded by beautiful mountains. But you can visit this place at the end of the year when it is not as hot. Starting from October, Lavasa’s atmosphere is great and makes a perfect weekend getaway.

3. Lonavala

Every Mumbaikar’s favourite getaway, Lonavala, is nature’s bliss with its wonderful landscape views. Visit the Bhushi Dam or the Karla Caves and make unforgettable memories. Only 83 km away, you can get here in about 2 hours max. The pristine hillside is full of luxurious villa stays by the Pawna lake.

Long weekends 2018

Time Taken:
By road: 1 hour 45 minutes (approx)
By train:3 hours approx

Best Time To Visit: Lonavala is a got to the destination for every Mumbaikar and remains a favourite always. In the rainy season, it can get a little messy, apart from that this destination is the best all year long.

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4. Khandala

Khandala which is just 3 kilometres away from Lonavala and 82 kilometres from Mumbai. Besides being a wonderful hill station, it has its own historical significance. It was under the reign of several rulers like Maratha, Peshwa and colonial power. They all have left their mark which adds up to the beauty of this place. Nagphani, also known as Duke’s nose, is the highlight of Khandala.

Time Taken:
By road: 1 hour 51 minutes (approx)
By train: 3 hours (approx)

Best Time To Visit: Khandala and Lonavala go hand in hand. The weather is pleasant here always, like Lonavala you can visit Khandala all year long too. But November and December will be nice and cold in these hilly regions.

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5. Karjat

A mini hill station, explore the flora and fauna in Karjat. Take a wonderful road trip of 62.9 kilometres to Bhahiri and Kondana Caves and Ulhas Valley in Karjat. Power up for picturesque treks like a trek to the famous Chanderi caves. Visit any time, the weather is cool and pleasant all year round!

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Time Taken:
By road: 1 Hour 40 minutes
By train: 2 hours approx

Best Time To Visit: Karjat is close to Mumbai so the weather is not very different but I can assure you that it is better than the town. When it gets too hot in the town during the summer, Karjat can be comparatively very beautiful.

6. Kamshet 

Kamshet is also a short drive from Mumbai and it takes only 2 hours and 20 minutes to get here. If you are looking to try out some adventure sports near Mumbai, then this is your spot. You can go for paragliding and experience the beautiful Kamshet. The best places to visit here is Kondeshwar Temple, Uksan Lake, Visapur Fort and of course the famous caves of Kamshet.

Image Credits: Adventures365.in

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit any hill station is during the monsoon. You can also visit during November and December when it’s chilly and you can enjoy hot bhutta and garam chai. It is an ideal destination for weekends and starting early morning you will have the entire day to enjoy Kamshet and soak in its beauty.

7. Kolad

If you are a sucker for riverside getaways, the Kolad is just perfect. The famous river of Kolad is Kundalik and you can try river rafting and rope crossing here. You can camp near Kundalika river, light a bonfire and enjoy nature. Some places you should not miss out on are Kolad’s Kuda Caves, River Rafting in Kundalika and the tall Tamhini Falls.

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River rafting at Kolad

Best Time To Visit: Kolad is chilly in January- February but you can also visit in November and December as the water at Kundalika river is gushing and really cold in those months. The next option you have is to spend a weekend in the summer season as it gets too hot in cities like Mumbai and Pune. The river is flowing all year long so the adventure sports are available.

8. Igatpuri

Igatpuri is an amazing weekend getaway which is covered in lush greenery. Igatpuri is a 3-hour drive from Mumbai and you can come here just to unwind and feel refreshed. The best part about Igatpuri is that they have huge villa stays and they are totally affordable. The best places to visit are Dhammagiri, Vallone Vineyard and Vaitarna Rafting.

Image credits: placestovisitmaharashtra.com

9. Matheran

Matheran is the most preferred hill station by Mumbai and Punekars. This can be a great place for a quick and short vacation. Matheran is covered with dense forest, tall trees and some waterfalls on your way up here will set you right in the vacation mood. You can visit the famous points here and can take walks in the little beautiful lanes here.

Image Credits: TravelTriangle

Best Time To Visit: Matheran is beautiful when it is raining but the drive can be foggy and it might difficult to drive here. But winters are the best time and it is super chilly up in the hilly regions.

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10. Silvassa

Not many know about Silvassa, but the place is pretty beautiful and it should be on your list for a weekend getaway. Silvasa is 3 and a half hour from Mumbai. It lies on the edge of Gujarat state and the drive up till here will be a great one overlooking huge mountains and pretty trees aligned alongside the road. The best places to visit in Silvassa are the Vanganga Garden, Lion Safari and the Nakshatra Garden.

Best Time To Visit: The best months to visit Silvassa is March and April and you can visit in October to December too!

So what are you waiting for now? You have everything you need for a comfy and adventurous holiday. Get going!