Get Ready To Catch The Glimpse Of The Biggest And Brightest Super Moon On April 8 Y’All!

by Suchismita Pal
Get Ready To Catch The Glimpse Of The Biggest And Brightest Super Moon On April 8 Y’All!

Ahoy, all moon gazers out there! The time of the year has come to get yourselves ready to behold the biggest and brightest moon of 2020. The majestic Super Pink Moon will appear in the sky at the nightfall and moonset of April 7 and April 8, 2020. This will be the third supermoon of the year after the Super Snow Moon and the Super Worm Moon, and technically way bigger than both the previous ones.

What Is It?

The phenomenon of supermoon or perigee-syzygy takes place when the moon arrives closest to the Earth’s surface in its ‘full’ or perigee phase. The supermoon is much larger and radiant than the moon we see on the other days. The pink moon appearing in April will have an estimated distance of 221,772 miles, which is closer than the Snow and the Worm Moons, and also the upcoming Super Flower Moon which is anticipated to appear on May 7 this year. At the time of rising, the pink supermoon will keep changing colours. First, it will appear delicate orange, then pale yellow and once above the horizon, will turn dazzling white.

biggest moon 2020
Picture Credits: NDTV

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What’s More?

The Super Pink Moon will be the first supermoon of the month of spring. According to North’s America’s Old Farmer’s Almanac, it can be related to the early blooming of the native vernal wildflower moss phlox.  The full moon of April is alternatively called Paschal Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon or the Sprouting Grass Moon.  These supermoons are referred to as ‘super’ because they appear about seven percent larger and fifteen percent brighter than the usual size.

moon of 2020
Picture Credits: Juice Online

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This sky event will take place during the night time. In the western parts of the world, it will be from the moonrise of April 7, 2020, to the moonset on April 8. However, in India, the moon will reach its maximum illumination at around 8:05 a.m. in the morning, on April 8. So, all those who relish observing celestial objects, don’t forget to mark your date and time.