GI-Tagged Jaynagarer Moa Is A Winter Delicacy Of West Bengal’s Jaynagar. Here’s Why It’s Must-Try

West Bengal's Jaynagar town is famous for the winter-special sweet 'Jaynagarer Moa'.

by Shreya Ghosh
GI-Tagged Jaynagarer Moa Is A Winter Delicacy Of West Bengal’s Jaynagar. Here’s Why It’s Must-Try

India is home to diverse culinary experiences and every state and region has something unique to offer. When we talk about the bond between West Bengal and food, there is just too much to enjoy here. From lip-smacking savoury delicacies to the best options for sweets and desserts, the authentic cuisine of this state is a powerhouse of varied flavours and diverse food palettes. Winter has made the grandest entry in West Bengal and we have already started relishing the yummiest seasonal delicacies. One of my forever favourite sweets to enjoy during the winter season is Jaynagarer Moa. Bengalis with a sweet tooth simply cannot imagine spending the season without relishing this classic sweet.

Jaynagar’s Famous ‘Jaynagarer Moa’ Is One Of The Best Winter-Special Sweets

Jaynagarer Moa
Picture credit- Wikipedia

The rounded and oh-so-delicious moa is rich in sweetness and its credit goes to winter-special date palm jaggery. The mix of popped rice, date palm jaggery loaded with ghee and cardamom powder simply melts in our mouth with every bite. Even before you start relishing its deliciousness and taste, the mouth-watering aroma will make you enjoy as many pieces of Jaynagarer Moa as possible.

Back in the year of 2015, this delicious sweet earned a Geographical Indication tag. With this GI tag, this winter-special moa can be enabled to protect it from unauthorised use. The submission of the application for the GI tag recognition took place back in 2012. And this is the reason behind the tag being valid only till 2022. Later, the Geographical Indication tag was extended for the next 10 years.

Nestled in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, Jaynagar is a small town famous all around the state for being the home to this appetising sweet. There are so many sweet shops and confectioneries located in different parts of this town known for selling great-quality Jaynagarer Moa during the winter season. This is where you need to be during the season to enjoy the authentic taste of this sweet dipped in the fresh taste of date palm jaggery.

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Make Sure You Gorge On This Bengal Delicacy This Winter

Jaynagarer Moa
Picture credit- Wikipedia

A proper Bengali feast is only complete with mishtimukh (eating loads of sweets)! And when it comes to enjoying delectable Bengali delicacies in the winter season, we cannot even imagine ending the meal without Jaynagarer Moa. From eating breakfast to dinner at home or having a fun time at a picnic somewhere outdoors, Bengalis enjoy gorging on this sweet after every meal.

You will find the winter special moa in most sweet shops in West Bengal. Though there are tons of shops to shop from, spend your money only in those mithai shops that sell authentic and good quality moa. During the peak demand for this sweet, many shops sell low-quality moa made with not-so-good quality ingredients. These might be cheaper but do not taste well and you need to stay far away from such shops.

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If you are already in West Bengal, you must know about the craze for this sweet. And if you are planning to be in the state soon, make sure to enjoy it.

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