Giant Dome Of Jakarta Grand Mosque Collapses In A Fire. Heartbreaking!

by Shreya Ghosh
Giant Dome Of Jakarta Grand Mosque Collapses In A Fire. Heartbreaking!

Jakarta Islamic Centre Grand Mosque of Indonesia caught massive fire on Wednesday. Due to this major fire breakout, the giant dome of the mosque collapsed. Several videos of fire engulfing the giant dome of Jakarta Islamic Centre Grand Mosque are making rounds on different social media platforms. Read on to know more about the collapse of the giant dome in Jakarta.

Jakarta Grand Mosque’s Giant Dome Caught Fire & Collapsed

Here’s a heartbreaking video of the dome of the Jakarta Islamic Centre Grand Mosque getting destroyed following a fire shared by Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson).

Some renovation works were going on when suddenly the mosque caught fire. In just some time, the fire and flames surrounded the mosque and black smoke was billowing from the affected place. Fire engines reached the affected site right after to control the situation. According to Indonesia Media, about 10 fire engines reached the mosque. It took the firefighters about 5 hours to bring the situation under control and extinguish the massive flames and blaze. According to a report of Gulf Today, the incident did not lead to any casualties or injuries.

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Police Officials Have Already Started The Investigation To Know The Reason Behind Fire

The investigation is going in full swing as the reason behind this massive fire breakout is still unknown. According to Gulf Today, the police are working on the investigation. They are interrogating the people who were present in the Jakarta mosque and were working on the renovations. There were about 4 workers working inside.

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Something very similar happened to the giant dome of the Jakarta mosque 20 years back. This is not the first time when the dome caught fire. 20 years back the dome caught fire and some renovations were going on during that time as well.

The Jakarta Islamic Centre is not only home to the mosque. It is also the centre for several commercial, educational, empowerment, research facilities, socio-economic activities, and more. This Islamic centre is situated in North Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson