Gigi Hadid Shares A Step-By-Step Recipe Of Drool-Worthy Ham & Cheese Sandwich And We’re Hungry

Gigi Hadid
by Tooba Shaikh

We all know and admire the striking Gigi Hadid. She’s an incredibly amazing supermodel who, we know, would look regardless of what she was wearing. The fashion industry is plagued with myths about models starving themselves. While many do struggle with eating disorders, Gigi is here to show that healthy eating and a successful modelling career aren’t mutually exclusive. She recently shared a drool-worthy step-by-step recipe for a super healthy ham and cheese sandwich!

Gigi Hadid Shares A Drool-Worthy Sandwich Recipe

Gigi Hadid

Image Credits: @gigihadid/Instagram

The dynamic and beautiful Gigi Hadid, it turns out, is serving us more than just good looks! She recently took to her Instagram account and shared a sandwich that she relished. But before you scour the Internet looking for its recipe, let us inform you.

Gigi herself shared a step-by-step recipe in her Instagram story. She began where all good culinary stories begin, with two pieces of perfectly grilled toast! Then, one of the toasts had a bunch of arugula. Because you know our girl is all about healthy eating!

The arugula is topped with some ham, lemon zest, and a large slice of tomato to give the sandwich a more complex flavour profile. On the other piece of toast, she slathered what looks like pesto sauce. On it, she places two generous slices of cheese. There is even a sauce that she’s drizzled on her sandwich!

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Your Ham And Cheese Sandwich With A Twist Is Ready!

Gigi Hadid

Image Credits: @gigihadid/Instagram

While there is no official name given to the sandwich in Gigi’s stories, we think ham and cheese with a twist would be an apt name for it. The key ingredients, ham and cheese, have a marvellous twist with pesto and lemon zest. These ingredients aren’t conventionally used in the sandwich,

But Gigi isn’t one to go by the books! So of course, she put her own twist on the widely loved sandwich. And boy are we glad that she decided to do so! We cannot wait to try it out!

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Have you ever tried a ham and cheese sandwich with pesto? Would you like to? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @gigihadid/Instagram