Giola Is An All Natural Sea Lagoon In Thassos Greece

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Giola Is An All Natural Sea Lagoon In Thassos Greece

With infinity pools being all the rage, we are always on the lookout for knockout infinity pools all over the world to give us some motivation to get through work and then someday make it to these clear pools, bobbing in the cool waters sipping on a fancy drink. Admit it, you’ve dreamt it. Adding to our goals list, we found a natural sea pool called the Giola Lagoon carved into the Astris Rocks in Thassos, Greece.

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Giola Sea Lagoon
An all natural sea lagoon carved out like the perfect swimming pool, Giola Lagoon is located on the Astris Rocks in Thassos of Greece. And yes, you can dive right in! In fact, that’s the only way to immerse yourself in the lagoon’s clear blue waters. Jump right in. Be warned though that there is no shade or beach here so you will have to be extremely careful of your belongings lest they fall into the pool. Also, be prepared with sunblock, drinking water and a change of clothes.

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How To Get Here
The way to this paradise is a little tricky and uncharted but worry not, we got you back. Follow these simple instructions and get to Giola in no time! Reach the Astris Hotel as you drive from Limeneria. Go on for about 100 meters more until on your right, you see a board that says Studios Sirines. This landmark will let you know you are on the right path. Take another right here onto the dirt trail. Do not worry, your car or bike shall be fine, just drive slow.

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You will soon reach a clearing of trees which is the parking area for your vehicle, from there on its just a short walk, the directions are marked everywhere on the stones itself and guide you safely to the pool. We recommend you go with friends so as to ensure safety and also double the fun! Watch this close up view of the breathtaking pool.

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Address: Alyki 640 02, Greece