India To Get Its First Sea-Pool In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

by Mrunal Mahajan
India To Get Its First Sea-Pool In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Vishakhapatnam may not be the first thing that pops up in your head when you plan a vacation, but I am sure after this advancement people from all over the world would want to visit. Now in Vishakhapatnam, they will be building Sea-Pools! What are Sea Pools? They are a concept that is very famous in the west, they are man-made saltwater pools that is built adjacent to the sea.

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This will be the very first time that a Sea-Pool will be built in India! How amazing is that? The famous beaches in Vishakhapatnam like Rushikonda, Mangamaripeta, Sagaranagar, and Lawson’s Bay are proposed to have sea pools.
These proposed sea pools will be built adjacent to the 23 kilometer stretch of coastline. The reason these beaches are shortlisted is not just because they are famous tourist locations but also because they are safer than other beaches in Vishkhapatnam.

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Vishakhapatnam has witnessed more than 450 deaths in the last 10 years because of drowning in seawater. Looking at the increasing number of deaths, the locals are concerned about their safety and the government also has decided to act upon it. Andhra Pradesh administration came up with the proposal of sea-pools in order to prevent any more incidents. Andhra government will also be taking care of the safety, they will be deploying lifeguards and police to keep a check.

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Why is Sea-Pool safe? Sea-Pools reduce the risk of drowning and make it a safe place for tourists and locals to spend quality time. Parents can keep an eye on their kids, ensure their safety and will not have to worry about chlorinated water that swimming pools have. Adults can play beach sports, go for snorkeling, carry out water sports all in one place.

Even though this concept is very new to India, it has been very popular in Australia and England. San Alfonso del Mar, which is in Chile is known as the world’s largest swimming pool and as it got a Guinness Book Record for the same.

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Sea- Pools will give us a thrill about the seas and safety of the pools! Can’t wait to take a dip in one of them.