An 11-Year-Old Girl Has Raised ₹9.2 Lakh In Hyderabad To Feed The Poor Amid Lockdown

by Suchismita Pal
An 11-Year-Old Girl Has Raised ₹9.2 Lakh In Hyderabad To Feed The Poor Amid Lockdown

At the hour when most adults are worrying about finances, this little one from Hyderabad took up an initiative that will leave you in wonder. Ridhi Vangapally, a class 6 student of the International School of Hyderabad, gave away all her pocket money and raised additional funds to help out the underprivileged amid the coronavirus crisis. By launching an initiative named ‘Care-ona’, she has managed to raise about ₹9.2 lakh to provide respite to the poor people affected by the calamity.

How Did It Happen?

As informed by Ridhi’s mother Shilpa Vangapally, Ridhi had initially created a list of the fundamental needs of a family of four, and how long can a supply last for them. She had approached her family members for help and could raise ₹1.3 lakh. With this money, she started supplying ration kits to about 200 families, taking assistance from the Cyberabad police. But soon she was running out of funds. Then, she penned down a letter encouraging people to contribute to the cause. She started an online crowdfunding campaign on Milaap, and the NGO TEA Cares Foundation also came forward to help. Finally, she could raise the rest of the money with which she and her family are now planning to arrange around 1,000 kits for distribution.

Picture Credits: Telengana Today
Picture Credits: Milaap

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What Else?

Another 11-year-old musician from Forsyth County of Georgia, Chloe Adona, is raising money through her original debut single ‘In My Dreams’ for the Atlanta Community Food Bank to serve the cause of COVID-19. The Atlanta Community Food Bank supplies resources to local NGOs like Meals by Grace and The Place of Forsyth County. On the fundraiser’s page, Adone wrote, “I knew I needed to do something to help out so I decided to pre-release my song to raise funds for the community we live, play and work in.”

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If these kids can do so much, we adults can do something even better. We just need a heart of gold, like them. Let’s all come forward and contribute in whatever way we can in the battle against this deadly virus. If we stand together now, we will definitely overcome the plight one day.