Go First Flights To Mumbai Diverted To Surat. Passengers Stranded For 4 Hrs Inside The Plane

by Shreya Ghosh
Go First Flights To Mumbai Diverted To Surat. Passengers Stranded For 4 Hrs Inside The Plane

Passengers of two Go First flights suffered a horrible journey on Tuesday while they were flying to their actual destination, Mumbai. These two Mumbai-bound flights were from Delhi and Srinagar. These flights took off from the airports in the evening and later were diverted to Surat without any prior notice. Flyers of both the Go First flights were stranded inside for about 4 hours and had to spend this time stuck inside the aircraft.

Go First Flights To Mumbai Diverted To Surat

Aditya Srivastava is one of the many passengers who was stranded on the Mumbai-bound flight from Delhi. He recorded a video of the miserable scenario inside the aircraft where some flyers were asking the crew about the updates on the flight. This video was later shared by Kiran Khatri on her Twitter handle @kiranmk95.

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In the video, a man is heard saying that passengers are not feeling well and many are getting stressed due to the unscheduled route divert. He is seen asking the crew about the time limit of the stopover. He even asked to either let them get out of the flight or start the journey. Children were getting hungry and moreover, everyone was getting extremely frustrated with such a delaying halt.

Passengers had to stay inside for about 4 hours, according to a report by CNBC-TV18. They could not deboard even for some time and the worst part is that the airline allegedly did not provide any food to the flyers during this halt.

Here’s another tweet on this unscheduled long delay. Twitter user Dr Pritam Raj (@DrPritamRaj4) tweeted about how the Go First flight G8 336 from Delhi was scheduled to land in Mumbai at 6:30 PM. Instead, the route changed and the flight landed in Surat. He also added that the airline did not provide any information about the same.

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The Flight From Delhi Reached Mumbai Late At The Night

According to a report by CNBC-TV18, the crew announced the change in route to Surat at around 5:30 PM. The reason they shared was administrative problems. After reaching the Surat airport at around 6:30 PM, the flight took off from there at 10 PM. It was around 10:45 PM when the flight finally reached Mumbai.

It has been a tiring journey for the Go First passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Kiran Khatri (@kiranmk95)