Go On A 10-Course Food Walk To Mumbai’s Iconic Bohri Mohalla With No Footprints

by Shreya Rathod
Go On A 10-Course Food Walk To Mumbai’s Iconic Bohri Mohalla With No Footprints

The rich history of every regional and community cuisine is what makes India so diverse. And this Ramadan, explore the history of Bohra cuisine, one such community cuisine, with No Footprints — a company that offers engaging tours and experiences. This cuisine, which is unique to the Dawoodi Bohra people, combines Gujarati, Arabic, and Middle Eastern culinary techniques. The Bohra (or Bohri) culture is mostly characterised by its adherence to community dining and no-food waste policies, which play a significant part in defining their way of life. Take a walk through Mumbai’s iconic Bohri Mohalla to get a taste of this rich cuisine!

Explore Bohri Mohalla With No Footprints This Ramadan

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Going on an iftar trail is a must-do every Ramadan as the culinary lanes and nooks come to life after dusk. The Bohri Mohalla stroll with No Footprints should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do in Mumbai.

The Bohri Mohalla walk is one of many immersive cuisine tours offered by No Footprints, a specialised travel agency. This journey brings you right to the centre of Mumbai’s Bohra Muslim neighbourhood, where you can immerse yourself in its culture and sample its delectable cuisine.

Also, they’ve entertained well-known figures like Nigella Lawson, who highly advises this stroll and adores the Chicken Hakimi at Noor Mohammadi.

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Food, History & Culture Tour

Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai’s epicentre of non-vegetarian street cuisine, is where the journey begins. You will next proceed to the Bohri Mohalla to learn about the culture and history of the Bohra Muslim community. You will stop at a variety of fast food joints and roadside vendors along the way, some of which are more well-known than Michelin-starred establishments.

The food is one of the tour’s attractions. Moreover, you will be able to sample traditional Bohri foods including Seekh Kebab, Boti Kebab, Chana Batata, and the 12-pot curry. Together with the many meat delights, you may sample a wide range of sweets. The food is definitely a feast for the senses on this tour.

The tour is not solely focused on the food, though. You will discover more about the Bohra Muslim community’s history and culture, as well as their commercial practices and spiritual rituals. Your queries will be gladly answered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides.

Especially during Ramadaan, when the neighbourhood comes alive with the spirit of the holy month, the Bohri Mohalla stroll is crucial. The atmosphere is electric as lights and vibrant banners line the streets. You will be able to see how the neighbourhood comes together to celebrate Ramadaan and break their fast.

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If you want to explore the Bohri culture and cuisine, book a walk here.

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