Goa’s Keri Beach Is A Secluded Gem With Less Crowd And More Natural Beauty

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Goa’s Keri Beach Is A Secluded Gem With Less Crowd And More Natural Beauty

Imagine walking barefooted on a beach with nothing but the sound of gushing waves falling on your ears. How about sitting on the golden sand and letting the wind play with your hair while your eyes are soaking in the best sunset view. How serene did that imagination feel? Well, why imagine when you can actually go and experience it in real life? Goa’s Keri Beach is one such secluded gem in India which you must visit. 

Goa’s Keri Beach: Pristine And Secluded

Goa’s Keri Beach or also known as Querim beach is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Goa. The beach is a secluded one and is also Goa’s best kept secret for sure. The beach is super clean and is not at all crowded. If you believe that nothing feels and heals the best like serenity, then this beach is for you. It is simply the most perfect combination of sun, sand, sea, and serenity in Goa. This beach falls on the northern side of Goa which as such is famous for beaches known for parties but Keri beach is not one of them. The beach is just 20 minutes away from Arambol, where you can find many stay options. Staying at Arambol is a better option as there are no options available in the Keri beach area. 

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You Will Not Fall Short Of Things To Do At This Beach

Goa’s Keri Beach is not much known for water sports but if you visit the beach between November and March, you surely can try some. The hill which stands adjacent to the serene beach offers paragliding. You can also go trekking on the same hill. The Ravalnath Temple and Ajoba Temple, which are a part of Goa’s rich culture, are nearby.

The beach offers a beautiful view of the Tiracol Fort as well. The fort has now been converted into a heritage hotel, you can enjoy the view from the beach. There are only a handful of shacks on the beach like Omkar Beach Shack or Dolphins. They offer the best local cuisines like Fry fish and Vindaloo. You can anytime grab a beer at affordable rates on the shacks and enjoy the peace around. 

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So the next time you visit Goa, visit this serene beach for sure.

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr