Goecha La In The Himalayas Overlooking The Kanchenjunga Is A Dreamy Escape For Campers

by Suchismita Pal
Goecha La In The Himalayas Overlooking The Kanchenjunga Is A Dreamy Escape For Campers

Goecha La, perched at 16,207 feet, is one of the best-kept secrets in Sikkim. It is a mountain pass that gives one of the closest views of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. The journey to Goecha La is breathtaking, dotted with streams, glacial lakes, hilly hamlets, forests and more interspersed along the way. The views unfolded on the path are so otherworldly that it is beyond possibility to put them into words. Having said that, reaching Goecha La is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be reached only by trek and the overall up and down journey would take around 13 days. So, if you’re willing to brave difficult terrains, live in tents and camps, ditch fancy food and ache your toes to experience the best of nature, Goecha La is the trek for you.

Trek For 13 Days In Sikkim To Get The Closest View Of Kanchenjunga

The starting point for the Goecha La trek is West Sikkim’s Yuksom, which can be reached by flights, trains or other modes of transport. But beyond this point, your feet have to do all the work to reach Goecha La. Apart from Kanchenjunga, the trek also offers views of other stunning Himalayan peaks like Talung, Kabru S, Kabru N, Rathong, Tenchenkhang and Simvo, among others. Trekkers can catch glimpses of these views from atop Dzongri. Mind you, scaling Dzongri involves crossing some of the steepest yet most enchanting terrains. So, ensure to put on the right travel gears. On the way, you can remain witness to magical waterfalls like the Tshushay Khola waterfalls and glacial lakes like Samiti.

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Be Welcomed By Blankets Of Snow In The Higher Altitudes

The trek involves passing through some villages and the locals here are very heartwarming. Expect to be greeted by smiling faces as when you meet local kids on the way. As you reach the higher altitudes, blankets of snow will leave you spellbound. And when you put your eyes on Kanchenjunga, you probably have to pinch yourself to believe that the view is right in front of your eyes! The scenery up there is worth every muscle pain. It will astound you with its excellence. And when you return, you’ll undoubtedly have a bag full of wonderful tales.

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Goecha La must be on your bucket list if you’re a true adventurer!