Gold Worth Rs52 Lakhs Found Hidden Under SpiceJet Seat At Jaipur Airport

by Sushmita Mahanta
Gold Worth Rs52 Lakhs Found Hidden Under SpiceJet Seat At Jaipur Airport

We often wake up to the news of customs departments seizing smuggled gold on flights. Recently a similar incident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Customs officials on Tuesday revealed about seizing gold weighing 1 Kilogram at the Jaipur International Airport. During rummaging by Customs officials of a SpiceJet flight arriving from Dubai, Gold Biscuit wrapped in a black plastic sheet worth Rs. 52,10,000 and of 99.50 percent purity, was found concealed under the cushion of a passenger seat. The Customs department reveals that the accused has been arrested and the gold has been seized. Read on to learn more about this incident that recently took place in the Jaipur Airport.

The Customs Team In Jaipur Airport Seized The Gold Under The Provisions Of The Customs Act 1962

Jaipur is of late becoming a hotspot for smugglers. There have been two back-to-back cases where gold worth lakhs were seized by the Custom team in Jaipur Airport. About the seizing of the gold biscuit on Tuesday, the Customs department officials revealed, “The recovery was made from a passenger of Sikar origin of a Spicejet flight arriving from Dubai. The gold is worth Rs. 52,10,000 and of 99.50 percent purity.” A recent video posted on Twitter by News Nation shows that the Customs team found the gold wrapped in a black plastic sheet under one of the plane’s seats. Customs Jodhpur later tweeted that the officers have arrested the passenger and further investigation is going on. The customs department team in Jaipur Airport seized the gold under the Customs Act 1962.

Back To Back Smuggling Of Gold Taking Place In Jaipur?

The Jaipur Airport incident that the Customs department reported on Tuesday isn’t the first one to happen in Jaipur. As per ANI reports, Earlier, Customs officials at Jaipur International Airport intercepted a passenger on July 16 and seized gold worth 769.5 grams of gold. And unlike this time, the recovery of the gold was then possible only after a medical examination. The accused passenger arrived by Air Arabia Flight No. G9435 from Sharjah and it was only during the medical examination that the doctors recovered 3 gold capsules from the passenger’s rectum.
“The pax was medically examined at Jaipuriya Hospital today where doctors recovered 3 capsules from the rectum after CT scan. All these three capsules contain yellowish granules paste packed in transparent polythene Capsules duly wrapped by black polythene tape with a total weight of 851 grams,” read an official statement.

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