Good News! Faridabad Railway Station To Be Revamped At Whopping ₹262 Crores

by Shreya Shriyan

As the Indian Railways is determined to give the railway stations of India a new face, Faridabad Railway station has also made the cut. The Faridabad Railway station will undergo a massive makeover for over ₹100 crores!

Faridabad Railway Station’s Redevelopment To Cost ₹262 Crores

Good News! Faridabad Railway Station To Be Revamped At Whopping ₹262 Crores

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons (Representative Image)

Indian Railways is set to embark on another exciting chapter in its extensive railway station redevelopment initiative. The Faridabad Railway Station, a crucial transit point for trains commuting to and from Delhi, will undergo a remarkable transformation into a world-class station.

The Faridabad Railway Station will have all the smart features of modern-age architecture.

With an estimated investment of ₹261.97 crores, this redevelopment project aims to enhance the travel experience for rail passengers, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience.

In accordance with the plans, the railway station is set to have similarities to airports, with separate bases for arrivals and departures.

The station is also going to include multi-level car parking (MLCP) on both sides, capable of accommodating 250 cars and 350 motorcycles.

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Airport-Like Feel To Be Experienced At Faridabad Railway Station

Good News! Faridabad Railway Station To Be Revamped At Whopping ₹262 Crores

Image Credits: Canva (Representative Image)

A large, well-equipped area is going to connect the buildings on both sides of the station. This will feature a spacious waiting area, waiting lounge, resting rooms, food court, shopping options, and other facilities.

Help desks will be available to assist passengers with ticket booking, reservations, and other amenities. Lifts and escalators will be installed to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Additionally, two 12-meter-wide foot-over bridges (FOBs) will be built to improve traffic flow.

As of now, under the station redevelopment plan, the circulation plan and the station building plan have received approval.  Along with them, the north foot over bridge, MLCP and the master plan has also been given the go-ahead.

The Northern Railways is aiming to bring the station to par with the other modern stations of the country. The goal is to provide railway commuters with a smooth and world-class experience while they set their journey in motion.

While Northern Railways is focusing on making the railway station brand new, they are also trying to keep the process as sustainable as possible. Helping enable the “green way” of practising architecture.

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It is yet to be seen how many of these ambitious goals will actually fortify as everything is yet in its initial stages.

Are you also looking forward to seeing how the redevelopment turns out to be? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons