Good News! Fifth Avenue In New York City Will Soon Turn Into A Pedestrian-Centred Boulevard

by Tooba Shaikh
Good News! Fifth Avenue In New York City Will Soon Turn Into A Pedestrian-Centred Boulevard

One of the many things that New York is famous for is its traffic. However, a recent news update makes us hope that the situation will soon change for the better. In a recent announcement, Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York, declared that Fifth Avenue will be transformed into a pedestrian-centred boulevard. This announcement comes just a month after authorities announced the closure of Fifth Avenue for a few weeks in December. 

Fifth Avenue Will Become A Pedestrian Boulevard

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There was an announcement in November declaring that the famous Fifth Avenue in New York City will be closed to vehicular traffic in order to accommodate the crowd of the holiday season. This restriction on the movement of vehicles was done in order to prevent traffic congestion. However, seeing the success of this move, Mayor Adams has recently announced that the Fifth Avenue will soon turn into a permanent pedestrian boulevard. The move focuses on the streets from 59th Street, Central Park, to 42nd Street, Bryant Park.

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New Vision For The New New York City

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This move was made as part of the city’s new plan, “New New York: Making New York Work for Everyone.” Mayor Adams announced this new vision for the city of New York which aims at making the city greener and more accessible for everyone. It, therefore, prioritises cyclists, pedestrians, and public transport options. Other minor details of this plan will soon be hammered out but the entire plan will be executed over the course of the next two years. New Yorkers have wholeheartedly welcomed this move. 

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