Good News For Indian Travellers, You Can Now Get UK Visa In 15 Days 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Good News For Indian Travellers, You Can Now Get UK Visa In 15 Days 

All of you must have heard or read the news about delays in the processing of UK visas. Well, here is a sigh of relief for you. The United Kingdom has announced that visit visas for Indians who wish to visit the UK will be granted in just around two weeks. Yes, you read that right. Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India, informed me that Indians travelling to the United Kingdom will be allocated UK visit visas in 15 working days.

UK Visa In Just 15 Days

Even though he announced this standard time, he also mentioned that this might not be applicable in a few cases. Some trickier and more complex cases might get their UK visa a little later than the 15 days stated. He said that this move will make it easier for people to move to India and the United Kingdom.

This is why Ellis calls this good news for the living bridge. He credited the team in Delhi and the whole visa network for their efforts, which finally brought them back to their standard time for issuing visas. He urged everyone, especially students, to apply quickly as the demand is high and also to provide the right information.

UK visa
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Standard Visitor Visa

The UK offers different visas based on different criteria. Where you come from, your reason for visiting, the time period of your stay, your personal skills and circumstances, etc. They also have a priority visa option that can help you get a visa in just five working days. They said that they are having a huge demand for student visas for January 2023.

You can apply for a UK standard visitor visa when you are visiting friends or family, on vacation, on business, or taking a short study course. The standard visitor visa allows you to stay back in the United Kingdom for about 6 months.


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Go and apply for your UK visitor visa right now!

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