Good News, History Buffs! Saudi Has 67 New Archaeological Sites Taking The Total To 8,531 In The Kingdom!

Archaeological Sites
by Deeplata Garde 123

67 archaeological sites comprising the major historical legacy of the Kingdom will be registered and documented in the second quarter of 2022, according to the Saudi Heritage Authority. It was revealed on Sunday that they were added to the National Antiquities Register of the kingdom. So now the total number of listed archaeological sites has set the bar to 8,531.

Authorities Register The Site To Manage, Preserve & Protect!

In the first quarter of 2022, the authorities found and registered 101 and 253 new archaeological and historical sites in October and April respectively. The kingdom’s heritage commission has been trying to make a separate database for such sites. Hence the commission has been urging people to notify the authorities if they get anything on their radar. People can simply use the Balagh internet platform to submit their findings.

Compared to 2022, the year 2021 witnessed the registration of merely 14 sites throughout the latter half. Stone constructions, varied tools, engravings, rock and art paintings from the post-Neolithic era, shards of green-glazed pottery from the early Islamic era, and stone artefacts from the late Acheulian era are all examples of the sites that have been registered over these two years.

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Where Are The Newly Archaeological Sites Located?

The north is home to 15 of the recently introduced locations. 13 are in Tabuk, ten are in Hail, and five are in Qasim. Jouf took 9 sites and four are in Riyadh. The religious centre of Madinah and Baha contains 3 each. One is in Makkah.

So if you are in Saudi and spot anything related, then you can contact the officials on the above-mentioned platform.

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