Good News Potterheads! Dubai Has Its Own Diagon Alley And It’s Opening In Mall Of The Emirates

by Deeplata Garde
Good News Potterheads! Dubai Has Its Own Diagon Alley And It’s Opening In Mall Of The Emirates

Even if you didn’t receive your letter from Minerva McGonagall, you could still head to buy your Hogwarts essentials. And guess what you don’t need to tap any bricks with a secret passcode the venue will be open to all. So get ready with your shopping bags and head to the Mall of the Emirates as the Harry Potter store opens its door on 10th February in Dubai.

Grab Your Quills, Inks, Wand & More Potterheads!

Keep an eye out for the Nimbus 2000 kids! So yes we understand if muggles run there to crowd the shop to buy your wizardry things. Not the sorting hat, but you get to decide which uniform you want to buy from the shop as all houses are available and on display.

Wall hanging, bottles, books and whatnot! You name it and everything will have a hint of Hogwarts visible on it. They even have the footsteps printed on the floor of the stores similar to the Marauder’s Maps. You never know if there may be someone standing wearing an invisible cloak in the shop! Weasley is that you?

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Get Those Chocolate Frogs Asprining Wizards

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The ability to buy delicious snacks like chocolate frogs and jelly beans modelled by Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans is one of the most thrilling lures. You’ll experience a sense of being in Diagon Alley. Fans of the acclaimed Harry Potter movies and books will have the opportunity to visit artistic recreations of some of the most famous and recognisable locations.

The location itself is sure to draw crowds for picture ops because there will be a Sorting Hat and luggage cart embedded in a wall that looks exactly like the one that Harry and his classmates must run through to get to Platform 9 3/4 to join Hogwarts Express. So get ready to fill your bags with Potter merch at this store that opens on 10th February.

So who’s boarding the train to visit this Harry Potter Store in the Mall of the Emirates?

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