Google Maps: From Getting Indian Map On Searching ‘Bharat’ To AI-Based Features; New Updates Of This App

Google Maps updates
by Tooba Shaikh

Will India officially change its name to Bharat? That is the question that the country has been buzzing with ever since ‘President of Bharat’ was displayed at the G20 Summit in September. Since then, even the National Council of Educational Research and Training or NCERT have mulled over changing the name of the country from India to Bharat in the textbooks. Now, in order to accommodate this potential change, Google Maps has got a new update.

Google Maps: All The New Updates Of This App

1. Google Maps Shows The Official Indian Map If You Search Bharat

According to an article recently published by Zee News, if you search for Bharat on Google Maps, you will automatically be redirected to the official map of India. As of now, the government has denied that any proposition to change the name has been made officially. Despite this, the debate of whether the name change should happen is quite divided and so far, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on the matter.

2. Route View To Become Immersive

Google Maps updates

Image Credits: Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

Soon, cities like Venice, Tokyo, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas, Florence, Dublin and Barcelona as well as Amsterdam will be able to have an immersive view of routes. This feature will enable the users to experience the preview of their route in a multidimensional view which will give them a better idea of how to get around. It is not known if or when this update will be available in India.

3. More Detailed View Of Maps

Google Maps updates

Image Credits: Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

Google Maps will soon provide a more detailed view of the maps with the help of AI. As of now, it provides features that let users know the traffic on their route. Once this update is implemented, it will provide a more accurate view of the real world with realistic buildings and detailed highways. This update will be implemented in the coming months in around 12 countries including but not limited to the US, Canada, and France as well as Germany.

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 4. Google Lens In Maps Too

Google Maps updates

Image Credits: Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

Another AI-based feature, pretty soon you’ll be able to navigate where you want to go by just pointing your camera at your surroundings. It will recognise where you are and show you where the nearest coffee shop is, for instance. You can then easily navigate your way there. It will first be launched in France, the UK, the US, and a few other countries and then expand to the rest of them.

5. Photos As Search Results

Imagine you search for things to do in the city you’re in and instead of articles or names of places, you get photos. That is what Google Maps is working on. If you type in similar phrases, you will get pictures of the things you can do. In order to learn more about the place or activity, you’ll simply have to tap on the picture. It will also help you navigate your way there!

6. Electric Vehicle Charging

Google Maps updates

Image Credits: Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

According to an article recently published by The Times Of India, Google Maps will also soon provide details about the compatibility of the charging stations with their electric vehicles. Other details like when it was last used and its speed will also be made available so that users’ time is saved.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

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