Gopalpur Beach in Odisha Is Total Beach Goals!

When you think of your earliest beach memories what comes to your mind? Pristine waves slowly approaching you as you hold your parents’ hands, waiting to get your sandy feet wet, collecting sea-shells strewn across the golden- sand, testing your sandcastle-making skills with your friends, watching the beautiful horizon where the sky meets the sea, munching on bhelpuri at the stalls nearby and just soaking in the sea-breeze at the calm secluded beach. For that nostalgic childhood beach moments, we have found the perfect beach getaway for you in India. This is the unexplored pristine Gopalpur beach in Odisha also known as Gopalpur-by sea. This gorgeous secluded beach has an old-world charm to it and remains a quiet, secluded spot offering you some much-needed me-time.

What Is It?

Gopalpur beach is located around 150 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. It is considered to be one of the best beaches along the Bay of Bengal. Gopalpur was actually named after the 18th-century temple of Lord Krishna or Gopal that is located near this beach. Initially known as Paloura, Gopalpur was a quaint fishing village on the coasts of Odisha during the Kalinga Dynasty. Later it became an important trading centre at the time of the British rule. This blissful beach was a bustling port where ships were sent to Rangoon. Today, you can still catch glimpses of the ruins of this ancient commercial port in Gopalpur.

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How To Reach Here?

It takes around 3 hours to reach here from Bhubaneswar. The nearest airport is the Biju Patnaik International Airport located around 150km away from here. You can also take the railhead at Berhampur on the Howrah-Chennai line to reach Gopalpur, which is around 20 km away from Berhampur. And let’s tell you that the best time to visit Gopalpur is during the monsoon season between mid-June to September. The sea looks simply breathtaking during this time.

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Things To Do In Gopalpur

Now that you know how calm, serene and picturesque the Gopalpur beach in Odisha is, let’s tell you about the amazing things you can do, when you’re here. Walk down memory lane, by literally walking along the coast here. The clean waters, numerous sea creatures like crabs and snails will just add to your experience. As you’re walking towards the estuary, you will notice numerous sea fishermen boats fastened to the shoreline. In the evenings you can also stock on the fresh catch of prawns, fish, crabs sold by the fishermen. Pamper yourself with freshly prepared seafood, beachy jewellery like bangles and corals at the quaint beach stalls set up during the evenings.

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If you’d like to add a little adventure to your beach visit, we suggest you climb up to the lighthouse. This lighthouse is a part of the old port in Gopalpur. When you’re here, you can get a panoramic view of the entire beach, the sea and also the areas of the Chilika lake. Visit the lighthouse at any time between 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top.

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While you’re here take a stroll around the nearby fisherman villages. The colourful houses with thatched roofs look so lovely and welcoming. You can spend a beautiful time immersing yourself in the local culture here while enjoying the sea breeze. And if you’re a huge foodie then dine at the local seafood restaurants and shacks near Gopalpur. Feast on freshly fried fish dishes and seafood curries which you can get at pocket-friendly prices. You can also purchase fresh fish straight from the fishermen.

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Visit Gopalpur during the month of April and be a part of the 2-day art festival, PAGo (Public Arts in Gopalpur). Immerse yourself in the world of beach art, sculptures depicting Gopalpur’s silk weaving traditions, art installations and live music. This festival is one of the most beautiful beach festivals in India and it will surely take your breath away.

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Where To Stay?

If you’re wondering about the places to stay while you’re in Gopalpur, then don’t worry, you have many options. You can stay at budget-friendly homestays and hotels nearby open to travellers and adventure seekers. Seaview Resort Gopalpur and Mayfair Palm Beach Resort are the most popular resorts here that offer you warm hospitality and beautiful scenic views. Gopalpur is one beach getaway in India that is sure to make you relive your earliest beach memories with your loved ones, thanks to the tranquillity, breathtaking scenic view and heavenly vibes about it. We suggest you definitely plan your next staycation here!

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