Gordon Ramsay Finds His “Mini Me”, Calls Him Masterchef Junior Junior, Praises Dad Who Was Cooking

by Shreya Ghosh
Gordon Ramsay Finds His “Mini Me”, Calls Him Masterchef Junior Junior, Praises Dad Who Was Cooking

Gordon Ramsay is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and celebrated chefs in the entire world. The chef has so many feathers in his cap; from being a celebrity chef to having several Michelin-star restaurants, and a lot more. One of the most interesting facts about him is his reactions to people’s food and recipes and he might have just found someone like him, a younger version.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Came Across A Younger Ramsay


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Raise your hand if you have laughed looking at Chef’s hilarious reactions to cooking videos and contestants’ cooking in Masterchef. Well, this time he reacted to the reaction video of a 2-year-old and we can find so many resemblances between them. If you like watching videos of Gordon Ramsay, you will surely love this baby’s amazing reactions.

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The video starts with the baby asking to eat some oxtail and his father shares a thorough recipe for cooking the gourmet preparation. In this reaction video, Gordon Ramsay praises the father for cooking so beautifully and even calls his plating “Michelin-star plating”. The fun part begins when the 2-year-old sits with a fork and knife to gorge on the oxtail.

“We Got Serious Competition”, Says The Chef

Gordon Ramsay
Picture credit- Gordon Ramsay Instagram

“Oh my God, this kid is adorable”, Gordon reacted to the cute baby showing his expertise in relishing the oxtail and also commenting about the cooking. In fact, the Chef also reacted by saying “Marchef Junior Junior Junior coming your way soon!” From asking about the meal’s protein quantity to relishing every bite of it, Levi is surely a major foodie!

Not just Ramsay, even Netizens are having a great time watching the kid enjoying the meal. This 2-year-old food critic is winning everyone’s hearts. The comments under this video are so fun. Someone commented “Give that baby a cooking job NOW!” and we kind of agree. Another Instagrammer commented, “This baby is a mini chef who can work on your restaurant 😂”. A comment read “Levi knows more about taste and food diversity than most adults” and seeing the baby’s reactions, we can totally relate.

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Well, how would you react to this video? Is this kid really a younger Gordon Ramsay?

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