Government To Introduce New Service Charge Guidelines For Hotels And Restaurants

by Shreya Ghosh
Government To Introduce New Service Charge Guidelines For Hotels And Restaurants

The government is on its way to bringing new and defined service charge guidelines for hotels & restaurants. The demands and opinions related to this charge are different from person to person. While the hotels and restaurants think it is justified but people are not agreeing with it. In fact, the central government ordered the NRAI to stop adding it to the food bills. The new decision of the government will determine the changes and additions in the service charge guidelines.

We Will Soon Get To Know The Service Charge Guidelines

The government will release the circular for the service charge guidelines very soon. Customers are not willing to pay any extra service charges along with the food bills. The service charge is almost 5%-10% of the food bills and customers find it to be unnecessary. In fact, paying this amount is not a mandate but customers need to pay it forcefully. This is creating a lot of uncertainties and commotion. And to resolve it all and make a permanent legal rule, the government will introduce the service charge guidelines soon.

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The Guidelines Will Alert The Customers

As per reports, the guidelines will mention how any excessive charges apart from the food bills can turn out to be blameworthy. The guidelines will feature everything that keeps the customers conscious of the legal charges and what they should and should not pay. The new set of rules will alert the customers of the actual facts and charges for which they need to pay.

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Previously, the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs considered the service charges as an unfair trade practice. And now according to a report by Zee Business, the government is also not in the favour of the restaurants adding extra service charges. In fact, it is a punishable offence and they will not at all entertain it. There are high chances that government will introduce the sew service change guidelines very soon; by the end of this week or the upcoming week.