Government To Limit Purchase Of Duty-Free Alcohol To 1 Bottle Instead Of 2

The minute we know our friends are going travelling, we’ve often told them to get us some exquisite liquor bottles on their way back. When it comes to purchasing goodies from the duty-free at airports, alcohol always seem to top our list. But here’s some bad news, which might rob you off your high. The Government of India (GOI) might limit the purchase of duty-free alcohol to just 1 bottle. Yes! You read that right. In the future, you might be able to purchase just 1 liquor bottle from the duty-free.

What’s In It?

Sources have informed that the commerce ministry has recommended restricting the purchase of duty-free or tax-free alcohol to one bottle at duty-free shops, as a part of steps to reduce the import of non-essential goods. And that’s not all! The ministry has also recommended its finance counterpart the prohibition of cigarette cartons at duty-free shops. These recommendations are apart of the proposals made by the commerce ministry on the occasion of the upcoming Budget which will be unveiled by Nirmala Sitharaman the finance minister on 1st Februrary.

Currently, inbound international passengers are allowed to purchase two litres of liquor and a carton of cigarette from the duty-free shops. Reports state that there are many countries that allow the purchase of only one litre of alcohol to international passengers, and India might adopt the same soon. The government is currently seeking ways to curtail the import of non-essential goods into the country to keep a check on its trade deficit. So there can be a high possibility that this could be adopted in India.

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What’s More?

Inbound international passengers can generally buy goods worth around ₹50,000 without paying any import duty, and this is what makes duty free shops a sought after place for shopping luxury goods. In light of the current situation, the commerce ministry in order to promote ‘Make in India’ and boost manufacturing growth has suggested the rise in customs duty on several products including rubber items, toys, footwear, and paper. The ministry has proposed rationalization of import duty and basic customs on more than 300 items from different sectors like chemicals, rubber, paper boards, furniture, and coated paper. Well, guys! Maybe its time you stock up on your duty-free right now before this gets implemented! Did you know Delhi Got Drunk On Alcohol Worth ₹1,000 Crores In December?

Sanjana Shenoy
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