Grahan Village In Kasol Will Remind You Of Interlaken In Switzerland

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 176

Kasol is often known as the mini-Israel of India. The vibrant green meadows, splendid valleys, orchards, and rivers define Kasol. And in this pleasing hamlet lies a hidden gem called the Grahan Village. Grahan Village is a quaint tiny village that serves the utmost tranquil, picturesque view, and most significantly you get to witness mother nature.

How To Reach Grahan?

Grahan Village is a secluded village situated in the Parvati Valley. It is a trek that begins from Kasol. Earlier there were no proper pathways but now half pathways are made to the Grahan. The cabs can leave you halfway and after that, you need to walk, but it’s all worth it. Once you reach Grahan you can sense contentment, purity, and inner happiness for sure.

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What To Do In Grahan?

  • In Grahan, there are various waterfalls you can witness to. The trails lead you to gorgeous cascades. You can sit there for a while and experience the scenic beauty. The pathways to the waterfalls are not simple ones to crack. One needs to be extremely careful while walking, as the pathway is very slippery. Mostly you’re accompanied by dogs.

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  • Witness the Snow Caped Mountains, although this depends on your destiny, the snowfall at Grahan is a treat to your eyes. It is indeed magical to witness Grahan in snow.
  • Grahan also has a café named Sammy Food Junction so, you can explore that too.

Where To Stay?

It’s natural to wonder that will there be a place to stay in this secluded village. But don’t worry, Grahan has got you covered. It follows the concept of homestays and Grahan has quite a few of them. You can search for them on the internet or you can opt for Hari Home Stays.

Hari Home Stays is located at the entrance of Grahan only. The staying charges are 150-200 bucks per day. Along with a comfortable stay, they also provide home-cooked meals, like proper thalis, noodles, Nutella pancakes, vegetarian pulav, and a lot more.

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