Gudi Padwa: Celebrate The New Year With These 5 Delicious Desserts

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Gudi Padwa: Celebrate The New Year With These 5 Delicious Desserts

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of a New Year for the people of  Maharashtra and the Konkan Region. On this day people wake up early in the morning, place Gudi flags and perform puja. Then they feast on authentic sweets and visit each other to wish them. People from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh too celebrate their New Year on this day as Ugadi. Sindhis call it Cheti Chand. India’s festivals are totally incomplete without sweets, so here are some classic desserts you can celebrate New Year with. 

1. Puran Poli

Any Maharashtrian festival or auspicious occasion is incomplete without Puran Poli. It is a festive speciality in Maharashtra. Puran Poli is basically a flatbread (Poli) that is stuffed with a sweet filling known as Puran. The filling is made out of chana dal and jaggery. It is a classic sweet dish with rich flavours and is loved by all. 

2. Shrikhand

This rich and creamy sweet dish is sure to pop into your mind every time you think of a Marathi sweet dish. It is made out of thick hung curd with dry fruits, sugar and elaichi. Some also add Kesar to it which gives it a tinge of a different flavour. Shrikhand has a very important place in both Maharashtrian and Gujrati cuisine. 

3. Karanji or Gujiya

Gujiya is known as Karanji in Marathi. It is a sweet dish that is majorly prepared during Diwali. This crispy sweet is made using sweetened khoya, dry fruits and coconut. It is a fried dumpling that is prepared during auspicious occasions. It is also a part of Gujarati cuisine. 

4. Modak

Enter a Marathi household on Ganesh Chaturthi and you will surely find Ukdiche modak (steamed modak). This delicious sweet dish simply deserves to be on your Gudi Padwa sweet platter. The outer cover is made using rice flour while inside the stuffing is made out of elaichi, jaggery and coconut. The preparation is simple but the taste is very rich. 

5. Coconut Ladoo

Who doesn’t love Ladoo? No, I did not mean Hrithik from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Ladoo is loved by all and that is why it should too be on the platter of celebrating New Year. Coconut ladoo is prepared using condensed milk, khoya, desiccated coconut and almond. The coconut adds crunch and richness to the ladoo enticing you to eat more. 

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