Gujarat’s Monsoon Festival Megh Malhar Parv Is Brining These Exciting Activities For You

by Vinita Jain
Gujarat’s Monsoon Festival Megh Malhar Parv Is Brining These Exciting Activities For You

As the name suggests ‘Megh Malhar’ is a monsoon festival celebrated in Gujrat. Gujarat tourism attracts tourists from all over the country and celebrates the monsoon festival every year. Megh Malhar has a lot of activities and attractions organized for the guests. Also, Gujrat is one of the states known for its coastal climate. You can visit Gujrat during the monsoon and enjoy one of the happening festivals. The Monsoon Festival in Saputara started with a bang on July 30 and will go on till August 30. The festival was inaugurated by Tourism Minister Purnesh Modi and was also attended by dignitaries from other states.

Activities in Megh Malhar

  • Dahi Handi competition on the occasion of Janmashtami (19th August 2022).
  • “Rain running a marathon” doubles as a soccer game.
  • Open workshops on photography, painting, and bamboo crafting.
  • An art gallery displaying paintings and artworks related to monsoons.
  • An open-air book fair is basically a dream destination for book lovers as they get to read in the gorgeous weather.
  • Tourists can also enjoy Saputara’s local cuisine and help local villagers rise up.
  • Treasure hunts to find the ‘wonderful things of nature,
  • Tribal sports, boat races, yoga classes, quizzes, seminars, music classes, rangoli contests, photo shoots, etc all for tourists.
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Saputara During Megh Malhar

Saputara is located in the lap of nature and is the perfect summer retreat from your mundane life. Over the past two decades, Saptara has rapidly become a popular tourist destination due to its stunning beauty during the monsoon season. During this festival, Saputara is transformed completely. The decorations, the hustle-bustle of activities, the culture, and the cuisine are worth visiting. Apart from Megh Malhar Saputara also has a bunch of activities lined up for nature enthusiasts, like hiking, boat tours, etc. The most popular of Saptara’s main attractions are Governor Hill, Balasinor Dinosaur Museum Eco Point, Rope-way, Shabri Dham, local Dangi dance, and Waghai Botanical Garden.

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