Gulab Jamun Doughnuts, Anyone? Ahmedabad Has These Gorgeous Delights And We Want One!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gulab Jamun Doughnuts, Anyone? Ahmedabad Has These Gorgeous Delights And We Want One!

Gulab Jamun is not a dessert or just a mithai, it’s an emotion. Sink your teeth into warm, spongey Gulab Jamuns, soaking in the sweet rose water and you can’t help but crave more. Interestingly, Gulab Jamun is one Indian dessert which has many variations. It has been spun into an ice cream, a cake and many other unique creations. The latest on the list is a Gulab Jamun Doughnut which is available only in Ahmedabad. Might, we add that it’s super gorgeous!

Gulab Jamun Doughnuts From Ahmedabad Look Gorgeous!

A reel by Ahmedabad foodie, Harshit, who goes by @foodiepopcorn on Instagram, introduces viewers to the city’s unique Gulab Jamun Doughnuts. Curated and served at Gwalia Sweets, this is an Instagrammable dish that would just want you craving one, especially for the ‘Gram!

The reel shows how these Gulab Jamun Doughnuts are prepared and decorated. The chef first pipes the doughnut-shaped jamuns with malai or sweet cream. It almost looks like vanilla icing on doughnuts. Next, using tweezers, he places strands of saffron over the malai-topped doughnuts. Then, he places a rose petal each on the dessert. And finally garnishes it with pistachio crumble.

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The Gulab Jamun Doughnuts adorned with vanilla icing, orange saffron strands, rose petals and green pistachio crumble is a sight to behold. You’d want to get your hands on one RN and even post cute reels and pics with it. Looks like even Netizens are impressed by this food creation, something that happens so rarely these days.

Netizens Approve This Gourmet Spin Given To Mithai

One person commented that finally there is some good food on Instagram. Another person lauded the food innovation as it wasn’t disturbing the original recipe. It’s only enhancing its presentation while maintaining authenticity.

Gulab Jamun Doughnuts

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Many others chimed in to approve the Insta food creativity. It’s almost given Gulab Jamun a gourmet spin! “Shakal alag hai, swad wahi hai” (Looks different, tastes the same) pointed an Instagrammer.

Gulab Jamun fans, what do you think about this beautiful-looking mithai? Can’t wait to head to Ahmedabad’s Gwalia Sweets to sink your teeth into it?

Cover Image Courtesy: @foodiepopcorn/ Instagram