Happy Teachers Day : 5 Foods That Hold Our School Memories

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Happy Teachers Day : 5 Foods That Hold Our School Memories

It is Teachers Day today and I am sure you must have wished your teachers through messages and calls. But the best days were when we would dress up as teachers and perform skits and dance for them. Remember preparing handmade cards for the teachers? School days indeed were the best days of our lives and we all want to relive it for once. Talking about teachers day and school, let me remind you of 5 foods that surely will take you down the memory lane.

1. Patties

Remember eating crispy and flaky patties during lunch breaks from the canteen? The flakes would stick on our lips and also fall all over the uniform but who cares when the food tastes so yum. The delicious tomato ketchup that was served with the patties would simply enhance the taste.

Pic Credits: Cravings food Adventure

2. Cotton Candy

Our love for cotton candy goes back to the time we were in preschool. The excitement to spot it outside school at the vendor itself is proof of our love, isn’t it? Every bite of the candy felt like heaven. The best part was that these little cloud-like pieces would simply melt as soon as they entered our mouth.

3. Pastries

Well now if you visit shops you will find a crazy variety of pastries but back then school canteens had only two of them – Black Forest and Pineapple. The only sweet treats that we knew were these two pastries. They simply had our heart for sure. The main attraction of the school celebrations were these pastries.

Pic Credits: Youtube

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4. Butter Toffee

Be it Independence Day celebration or Children’s day at school, teachers did distribute butter toffee to all the children. The chewy and sticky toffees brought the brightest smile on our faces. And hey what about those birthday parties, a plate of wafers with samosa or patties was incomplete without these butter toffees.

Pic Credits: Candy Warehouse

5. Mini Vadas

Breakfast meant having those mini versions of medu vadas doused in flavorful sambar and also yummy coconut chutney. This dish had the power to change our mood from cranky to super happy. Even today every time we see the cycle vendors with these mini vadas, nothing can stop us from having at least one plate.

Pic Credits: Geeta’s Cuisine

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