Have These 6 Traditional New Year Food Items Considered To Bring Good Luck For 2024

Did you know that there are traditional foods for New Year's that are considered to bring luck?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Have These 6 Traditional New Year Food Items Considered To Bring Good Luck For 2024

The clock is ticking and the year 2024 is just knocking on the door. Everyone is looking to have a fabulous year with love, light and success. It is also the time when people make goals, aspirations hit the reset button for a couple of things. Keeping this in mind, traditions play a role for new years as well. Did you know that there are traditional foods for New Year’s that are considered to bring luck? Check out some of them below and don’t forget to try them.

6 Traditional New Year Foods To Bring Good Luck For 2024

1. Dumplings (China)

For the Chinese New Year, the entire family gathers to make dumplings. It symbolises wealth and having to eat as much as you can, in large amounts, to gain wealth in similar quantity. It is better to make them similar to the shape of gold ingot, the currency of ancient China. Therefore having them for New Year’s is considered good luck. Honestly, momo lovers will go crazy here!

2. Grapes (Spain/ Mexico/ Colombia)

Yes, grapes! If you are a fan of The Modern Family, you already know what the deal is about. Gloria has taught you well! On New Year’s Eve, you have to eat 12 grapes for each stroke of midnight for each month of the year. It is considered good luck and a typical tradition for them. The sweeter the grape, the merrier the month. 

3. Champagne (Europe)

Let’s go back to the old days of the 16th century. It was considered a luxury if you owned a bottle of champagne and enjoyed drinking it for New Year’s. Something typically rich Europeans did. It was a tradition to drink champagne and celebrate festivities showcasing your wealth. Nowadays, people put gold jewellery into their glasses of champagne which also symbolises wealth because a bottle of champagne is affordable now.

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4. Black-eyed Peas (South America)

We are not talking about the music band but the New Year foods as beans! South Americans make a dish called Hoppin’ John with black-eyed peas, rice and bacon. Eating this dish is traditionally considered lucky for New Year’s. The tradition also says that you have to consume 365 black-eyed peas for each day of the year! Who is counting though?

5. Soft Pretzels (Germany)

Another New Year’s food item is pretzels and eating it supposedly brings a lot of good luck, prosperity and health to Germans. So, they bake big and extremely soft pretzels. Back in the day, kids used to wear pretzel necklaces on New Year’s for the same. Every country has different traditions, they eat and wear pretzels. It’s a cool one!

6. Toshikoshi Soba (Japan)

It is a traditional Japanese noodle dish that is served as a New Year’s food item. Soba, the noodles, is produced with buckwheat and is brown. It is said that the length of the soba symbolises a long life while the buckwheat brings resiliency to life. This traditional New Year’s food item works when you slurp the whole noodles instead of biting into it. Breaking it up or chewing isn’t supposed to bring you luck.

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Now you know what foods you are supposed to cook and eat so that you acquire the mighty good luck charm for the year 2024! Choose your food items or dishes right.

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