Heading To Croatia Soon? This Is The Currency You Need To Get Your Money Exchanged To!

by Tooba Shaikh
Heading To Croatia Soon? This Is The Currency You Need To Get Your Money Exchanged To!

One of the advantages that the countries of the European Union have is that they can travel without worrying about visas or borders. Nine years ago, Croatia became the newest member of the European Union. However, travellers from other European countries would still require to exchange their currency to what was the erstwhile currency of Croatia. But this ordeal would soon be omitted. Croatia is all set to finally make the most of its European Union Membership.

Croatia Adopts Euro, Makes Travelling Easier

As per the latest reports, Croatia has finally decided to adopt the official currency of the European Union, which is the Euro (€). Croatia became a part of the European Union nine years ago. However, up until now, it had been using the Croatian Kuna (HRK) as its official currency. In a recent announcement, the officials declared that from 2023 onwards, Croatia, too, will adopt the Euro as its official currency. It has also joined the Schengen Area, which means that other Europeans now don’t require a visa to visit this country. This move was mainly an economic one, done primarily to improve the economic status of the country.

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Economic Benefits Expected From This Move

This is arguably the biggest and most economically beneficial decision that Croatia has made since its independence, which was more than three decades ago. Croatia became independent after its break from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. The officials are hoping that this adoption of the Euro will invite investment opportunities. They are also optimistic that this move will further cement trade and commerce relations with the other 19 countries of the European Union. It is the first country in history to join the Schengen and the Eurozone on the same day.

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